FLASHBACK: Lesbian Couple Conduct Home Gender Reassignment Surgery on Son, Then Decapitate Him


A young boy, Rhuan Maycon, 9, was stabbed to death on May 31st 2019 by his mother, Rosana da Silva Candido, 27, and her lesbian partner Kacyla Damasceno Pessao, 28, after years of both emotional and physical torture which culminated in his gory death.

The boy was stabbed to death as he slept, around a year after being subjected to a botched gender reassignment surgery involving pliers at the hands of his mother and her partner.

The boy was later decapitated and dismembered, cutting the boy up into pieces, removing the skin from his face, and an attempt was made to gouge out his eyes to avoid recognition.

Authorities found that the mother and her partner had kept parts of Rhuan’s body in a backpack at their home, in Samambaia–around 20 miles away from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Other parts of his body were encased in a suitcase and dumped in a sewer.

The mother and her partner attempted to barbecue the other remains.

According to Brazil’s Child Protective Services, the boy had a“kind of a sex-change surgery. After removing the penis, they sewed the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin”

The surgery had allegedly been performed with no medical supervision or anesthesia after Rhuan’s mother had decided to transition her son into a girl as part of her rabid misandry which, in part, was the cause for her estrangement from the boy’s father.

Rhuan’s father had previously contacted Child Protective Services and the police after expressing concerns about the welfare of his son, but had been terribly unsuccessful in establishing contact with his son.

Rhuan’s mother and her partner were able to evade the authorities by moving across states and around the country for several years.

Rhuan’s mother expressed that the boy was a hindrance on her relationship and that he reminded her too much of her former partner, the boy’s father.

Child Protective Services were unable to keep up with or save Rhuan’s young life.

Rhuan’s father told the local press, “We tried to save Rhuan. We published messages on the social media, we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us.”

It appears that Rhuan had suffered extensive psychological trauma for his being male from his mother before his abuse was upped and became physical when his penis was severed and his eventual death.

Rhuan had also suffered signs of prolonged physical abuse.

Both women face charges of homicide, torture, and concealing a body.