FLASHBACK: Swedish Boy Beaten by Migrant for Having Blue Eyes


An unnamed 15-year-old boy was put in front of a Helsingborg district court for beating and abusing a classmate for having blue eyes.

The victim, a 12-year-old boy, who also hasn’t been named, was slapped by the 15-year-old migrant of Arab descent at his school during class, before the migrant boy continued to beat him during the following recess.

According to the district court, the migrant boy had asked the victim what color eyes he had, to which the young victim replied: “blue-green.”

Shocked, the migrant boy answered, “Are you kidding?!”

Due to the answer given, the migrant boy slapped the victim and threatened another boy over his eye color–which was also blue-green, Friatider reports.

The migrant boy was convicted of illegal threats and assault by the district court.

He was ordered to pay a daily fine.

The migrant boy denied the charges due to a language barrier, claiming that the victim had misunderstood his intentions as Arabic was his first language.

No hate crime charges were filed following the assault, despite the racial component to the assault.

Crimes of this nature in Sweden appear fairly frequently in the alternative media

Recently a viral video showing two migrants physically abusing and assaulting a Swedish boy circulated social media.

Via National File:

In the video, the boy who is beaten is insulted; and his attackers talk about extracting money off him.

One migrant says “let me p**s on him,” while the other steps back from beating the boy.

While the migrant filming the assault urinates on the boy, he orders him to open his mouth.

On the other hand, what constitutes a hate crime appears to be fairly one-sided.

Swedes who make politically incorrect posts about migrants often face hefty fines or prison sentences.