Florida Man Arrested for Trying to ‘Barbecue’ Pedophiles


A Florida Man was arrested and charged with attempted premeditated murder for trying to ‘barbecue’ child molesters at a motel, according to police.

Jorge Porto-Sierra, 50-years-old at the time of the arrest, told cops he wanted to “barbecue all the child molesters and kill them.”

Two of his alleged victims were convicted child molesters, reports the New York Post.

According to witness reports, Porto-Sierra burst into a room at the Friendly Village Inn in Kissimmee, shouting, “I’m going to kill you, child molester.”

The victim had been standing outside the motel room door when Porto-Sierra emerged from his vehicle, launching his attack.

Porto-Sierra had poured gasoline outside the motel before smashing the motel window in order to pour more gasoline into the room.

After the first victim escaped through a back door.

Then, Porto-Sierra redirected his assault to two individuals in a car in the motel parking lot, where he rammed his car into theirs.

He then poured gasoline into an open window of the car, according to a police report via All That Is Interesting.

Witnesses said he then lit a cigarette with menacing intent, threatening to light the gasoline.

However, Porto-Sierra’s plan was thwarted when police arrived.

He said that the police “got here too soon” before he could light the gasoline.

During his arrest, he said: “They raped kids, they are child molesters that all live here and deserve to die.”

An Osceola County detective said that as Porto-Sierra admitted his plan, he qualified to be charged with four counts of attempted murder due to premeditation.

According to All That Is Interesting:

Osceola County is indeed known for being something of a haven for sex offenders because it isn’t within any restricted range of schools, playgrounds, and churches. As such, there is actually a history of registered sex offenders living at the Friendly Village Inn & Motel.

According to Inquisitr, some 430 sex offenders were living in the Kissimmee area at the time of the incident. Moreover, approximately 20 listed the Friendly Village Inn & Motel as their home address.

With some knowledge of the area’s density of sex offenders in mind, Porto-Sierra attempted to enact fiery, vigilante justice on the sex offenders inside — and came close to getting his wish.

This isn’t the first instance of civilian vigilantism against registered child sex offenders.

An Alaska man was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for brutally assaulting and robbing pedophiles he found on an internet child sex offender registry in a three-day spree.

National File reports:

A man has been imprisoned for 23 years after numerous assault and robbery charges which many believe were in relation to vigilante action in dealing extrajudicial punishment to pedophiles.

Jason Vukovich, 43, was imprisoned for 23 years, February 2018, for a string of assault and robbery charged.

It was later revealed, however, that all of Vukovich’s victims were pedophiles.

Vukovich believed himself to be an “avenging angel seeking justice,” but won’t be released on parole until serving at least six years behind bars.

Vukovich, who was also a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his stepfather when he was a child, states that he now takes “full responsibility for his actions” and signals that his crime spree–in spite of the nature of the victims–was not worth the punishment.

All the crimes took place during a five-day rampage where he used his state’s local sex offender registry list to hunt pedophiles, in June 2016.

One of the victims was reported knocked out with a hammer and had his truck and laptop stolen.