Florida Man Charged for Making Love to ‘Frozen’ Stuffed Plushies at Target


Yesterday, a Florida man was hit with misdemeanor charged for the crime of: having sex with stuffed toys from Disney’s Frozen franchise at a Target store.

At the end of October, he was caught engaging in sexual congress with a pair of “large stuffed animal toys.”

Cody Christopher Meader was slapped the misdemeanor charges following the events which took place on October 22nd at a Pinellas Park Target store about 10 miles away from his St Petersburg home.

According to The Smoking Gun, the information published on December 5th accuses Meader, of “willfully and maliciously” damaging Target goods “by ejaculating on the merchandise.”

The court filing notes that “damage to said property being $200.00 or less.”

There is no known date for Meader’s arraignment and he’s current out on $150 bond.

As reported by The Smoking Gun:

According to a police report, Meader arrived at Target around 2 PM and approached a display featuring characters from the Disney film “Frozen.” He then selected a “large Olaf stuffed animal” and placed it on the floor. Meader proceeded to “dry hump” the cinematic snowman “until he ejaculated on the merchandise.”

On Olaf, NBC Montana writes:

Olaf is a sentient snowman who “likes warm hugs” and is a popular character in Disney’s smash hit “Frozen.”

After relieving himself on the cinematic snowman, Meader marched onto the toy department where he “selected a large unicorn stuffed animal and began to ‘dry hump’ this item.”

NBC Montana went onto say:

In the affidavit, police wrote the toys could not be re-sold. Both the unicorn and the Olaf doll were promptly destroyed due to the circumstances. In other words, Target was forced to let it go following the incident.

The Smoking Gun continues: ‘After being detained by police inside Target, Meader reportedly “admitted to doing ‘stupid stuff’ and admitted that he had ‘nutted’ on the Olaf stuffed animal.”’

The case goes on.