Florida Man Sells Homemade ‘1776 Boom Sticks’ At Gun Buyback, City Runs Out Of Cash In 30 Minutes


A so-called “gun buyback” event in Pensacola, Florida did not go according to plan over the weekend, as a local gun club showed up to counteroffer the city by paying actual market value for citizens’ firearms. The only weapons the buyback was able to acquire included BB guns and homemade “Boom Stick 1776” pipe guns, which forced the event to run out of cash in under 30 minutes.

Members of the local Second Admendment advocacy group Escambia Carry showed up to the event with a sign that read “Don’t Get Ripped Off By The City With This Stupid Gun “Buyback’ Program – See Me To Get Fair Market Value For Your Firearm.”

“Other than these rifles, the vast majority were junk,” Escambia Carry’s Jeremy Bosso said in a Facebook post. “Numerous people told us they sold their old junk guns to buy new firearms. Someone sold a Marine Emergency Flare gun. Other attendees had air pistols (BB/pellet guns). The City ran out of money by 9:27am – less than 30 minutes into the event.”

One man showed with three homemade “Boom Stick 1776” pipe shotguns, which were sold sold to police after he demonstrated that they were operable.

A member of the anti-gun rights Bloomberg-funded group Moms Demand Action showed up to the event with a BB pistol, but was unable to sell the toy. Police did, however, purchase a boat flare gun.

The Biden administration’s unconstitutional stance on gun rights has caused a spike in gun sale and Second Amendment awareness within its first few months.

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Many gun owners were alarmed by the confirmation of anti-Second Amendment activist judge Merrick Garland to the position of Attorney General in March. As National File reported, Garland’s history of trying to restrict gun rights stretches back decades.