Florida Man Woken Up by Burglar Sucking His Toes


A Florida man was woken up in an unimaginable fashion by an intruder sucking on his toes.

Investigators in Manatee County are now looking for a man who broke into a Bradenton home, on Christmas Eve night, to suck on the owner’s toes and attempt to fondle his genitals.

When the horrified victim asked the foot fetishist what he wanted, informing him that he had no money, the intruder sternly replied that he was “there to suck toes,” according to a report from the Sheriff’s office, via Fox13.

The victim proceeded to punch the intruder in the mouth and force him out of the bedroom.

The toe-sucking intruder informed the victim that he had a gun, although no weapons were discovered at the scene.

After a short struggle, the victim managed to force the suspect out of his home, striking the perpetrator several times in the face.

The victim then dialed 911 when he returned to the house.

When the pervert had been ejected, he “came back up to the house and punched out the glass on the front window,” according to the report.

He then climbed atop the victims car and began stomping on the windshield until it smashed.

The suspect then fled the scene on foot.

Police were unable to find the suspect after fleeing.

A K9 was dispatched to attempt to track the suspect, to no avail.

DNA swabs of the crime scene were taken.

The unusual case–perhaps, not for Florida–is under investigation.

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