Former Client Claims Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred Stole Her Settlement Money


Deanna Williams says she was raped and that her rapist confessed to William’s first lawyer, but that relationship between Williams and her first attorney collapsed with Williams blaming the lawyer. Williams then hired Allred to help her take the confession and get a settlement.

Williams was awarded 1.75 Million dollars, but she says that is where her problems started.

According to a FreedomOutpost report, a source very familiar with the case:

“The specific words of the retainer [between Allred and Williams] agreement dated August 14, 2012, read exactly, including underline, as follows under the heading “Attorney’s Fees.”

“As for attorneys fees, you agree to pay us a fee equal to forty (40%) percent of the gross amount recovered.  This percentage constitutes the entire amount of fees you will be responsible to pay us, as well as all your prior counsel.  Towards that end, we will take all reasonable steps to negotiate prior counsels’ undetermined fees which they may claim by way of their respectively filed charging liens.  This includes the claim of your first layer, Peter Itzler.”

Williams said Allred did not honor this contract.

Williams said that Allred kept all of the money she earned from the settlement, including as Williams claims, fees owed the first lawyer and refused to return phone calls and emails when Williams reached out to discuss the matter.

Williams claims she had been pregnant, been run around the legal system, sued, threatened with arrest and then lost her baby from stress, however, Allred, the women’s right activist, refused to talk to her.

Allred is quoted as saying “We demand the right to be free of sexual assault, rape, and abuse,” leading the crowd in a chant during a recent Respect Rally. “Resist, insist, persist, insist, and elect,” Allred said in January 2018.

Williams said it was shocking and callous behavior by Allred, the #MeToo champion, having set the tone for the country for treating women with better standards of care, that Allred would simply not care that Williams was destitute and faced mounting legal challenges, after her rape settlement.

Williams recently told FreedomOutpost, “she has desperately attempted to have attorneys come to her aid after numerous attorneys she employed acted inappropriately, unprofessionally, negligently and even what seems to be criminally,” they reported.

At the same time, Allred is enjoying a high profile fight against men, it appears as though she has been betraying a woman who faces very complicated and complex legal issues.

“My case is hard to follow because I have had to change lawyers a number of times.  When I switched lawyers to Gloria Allred, she told me that she would pay my previous lawyer from any settlement I got.  That was our deal and it is also what is customary in cases where  people change lawyers.  Gloria refused to pay my first lawyer after she got the settlement from my rape case.  She kept what was due to her team and never paid my first lawyer, so now that lawyer is suing me and I don’t have any of the settlement money at all,” Williams told National File.

From Williams Go Fund Me, she wrote, “She [Allred] agreed to pay previous lawyers legal fees. The suit resolved quickly. The relief was short-lived. The lawyer who abandoned me came back to sue me for a fee. He then sold the rights to sue me to an investor. The presiding judge was arrested in a prostitution sting shortly after distributing stolen funds in my case.”

Williams told National File, “Gloria Allred ruined my life. My life is a mess, I owe more money to lawyers than I ever made from the statement. I am the rape victim and I got nothing. I would not be in this situation if it were not for Gloria.”