Former FBI Agent Says Data on Issued Devices Were Government ‘Records’


Saturday, in a series of tweets, former FBI agent Robyn Gritz laid out a rebuttal against Buzzfeed in a lengthy Twitter thread.

According to Gritz, the information she presents would shock the US House of representatives if they ever cared to really investigate the origins of the Russian collusion narrative that was meant to bring down President Donald J. Trump.

“I am still waiting on justice for my own case and all I tweeted has been reported to the proper entities. Let’s see if they do the right thing with this valuable information.”

She added, “Patriots are sick of one-sided investigations, media reporting and want the truth!  I’m doing whatever I can to bring the truth forward.  Now let’s see some justice!” Gritz told National File.

Gritz, a former special agent with a joint terrorism task force for the FBI, and a defender of Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, who began working with Andrew George McCabe in 2005, claims she has credibility on the topic of FBI issued devices.

Gritz was responding to a tweet she had read that had been posted by Jason Leopold, who calls himself an American investigative reporter for Buzzfeed News:

“The FBI official also suggested that text messages from FBI personnel may not be considered agency records and therefore not subject to FOIA.”

Gritz replied, “Typical @FBI FOIA lying being done here. These text messages are kept by the carrier, probably Verizon Wireless. I used to be able to sign onto Verizon Wireless and review and print out text messages.”

If this was a trial and these texts were requested in discovery, FBI would have to retrieve each and every one. @SidneyPowell1 I have seen it done. In my case, #McCabe’s communications etc are still subject to preservation starting in 2012. @Barnes_Law

Let’s hope stuff has not been destroyed…. this impacts quite a lot of cases, criminal and civil. #ReinstateRobynGritz @AndrewCMcCarthy @csthetruth @Thomas1774Paine

Any more details on what model Porsche McCabe got after his wife got the $600k from McAuliffe? Or money from the bogus awards all the SESs wrote each other up for, using accomplishments from field agents and SSAs at FBIHQ? @true_pundit

How about the secret offsite meetings before & after election/inauguration attended by numerous SESs & led by #McCabe?”

Buzzfeed, which was the first outlet to report on the widely discredited Steel Dossier that started the Russia investigation, was unable to see the connection between Gritz, who served for 16 years in the FBI and had FBI issued devices, and their own impeachment fantasies.

Here is Leopold redirecting people from asking about the devices,:

An interesting response:

Leopold did not respond to numerous users who questioned the new narrative he claims came from his investigation, that McCabe’s texts were protected.

Leopold also apparently did not consider investigating whether the texts on the FBI issued phones were a matter of personal correspondence or government records, by following up with the FBI Official who planted the idea.

Ostensibly, the Russia investigation was discussed by the elite players on their phones, on FBI time, and paid for by the “smelly Walmart people” who voted to elect President Donald J. Trump, as was partially exposed by Peter Strzok’s released text messages exposed.