‘Former Pence Advisor’ Touted On MSNBC Is Liberal Activist Who Has George Floyd Poster, Reads Manifesto Of Hillary Clinton NGO


Olivia Troye, a “former advisor to Vice President Mike Pence” who has received widespread praise from corporate media for repeating left-wing talking points on cable news shows, is a far-left activist who has displayed a George Floyd poster, a book by anti-Trump activist Alexander Vindman, a poster of what appears to be masked doctors, and a book authored by an organization that was co-founded by Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

“There were cabinet mtgs about this during the Trump Admin where Stephen Miller would peddle his racist hysteria about Iraq & Afghanistan,” Troye claimed in a Twitter thread that received giddy support from leftist activists. “He & his enablers across gov’t would undermine anyone who worked on solving the SIV issue by devastating the system at DHS & State.”

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“I tracked this issue personally in my role during my WH tenure. Pence was fully aware of the problem,” Troye continued, “We got nowhere on it because Trump/S. Miller had watchdogs in place at DOJ, DHS, State & security agencies that made an already cumbersome SIV process even more challenging.”

Viewers who had the unfortunate experiences of viewing one of Troye’s many interviews on left-wing cable channels MSNBC and CNN noticed that the former Pence adviser’s background is purposefully littered with progressive propaganda.

A poster featuring deceased felon George Floyd is prominently centered behind Troye’s head, alongside a poster that appears show a group of masked doctors. Two books are prominently displayed in the shot: “Here, Right Matters” – written by anti-Trump activist Alexander Vindman – and “Vital Voices,” by Alyse Nelson, who co-founded the organization of the same name alongside failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 1997.

Vital Voices Global partnership’s mission is to promote feminist politics as a U.S. foreign policy goal. The Taliban’s unfavorable stance on feminist theory is cited by many Democrat and neoconservative activists as reason for the U.S. to re-invade the country of Afghanistan.