Fox News Runs Hit Piece Against Paul Gosar Over Fundraiser With Nick Fuentes


So-called conservative media network Fox News has attacked Representative Paul Gosar over a planned fundraiser with America First commentator Nick Fuentes.

On Monday evening, it was announced that Nick Fuentes, the popular host of the nightly show America First, would soon be hosting a fundraiser for Representative Paul Gosar, one of the most pro-Trump and America First representatives in Congress, with the date, time, and location, to be announced later this week.

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As expected, the liberal media and activists freaked out at Gosar’s decision to associate with Fuentes, with many on Twitter describing him as a “white supremacist,” and an “anti-Semite,” charges he has profusely denied time and time again. Gosar had previously shared a platform with Fuentes in February this year at AFPAC, the America First equivalent to CPAC, where he had also received heavy criticism from the same people.


Many conservatives and others stepped forward to defend Gosar from the attacks by leftist activists. Cassandra Fairbanks, the Editor in Chief for, noted that Gosar was the only member of Congress “to immediately sign a letter on behalf of Julian Assange in support of a pardon… he is the best.” Chief Trumpster, of America First Journalism, described Gosar as an “American Patriot who truly understands… the issues that face the country and stands with American workers.”

Gavin Wax, the chairman of the New York Young Republicans Club, decried the response from liberals, and many RINOs, who were “freaking out over nothing and trying to throw [Gosar] to the wolves,” describing him as a “fantastic congressman.” Gosar used Wax’s tweet to respond to the controversy, noting that he wasn’t sure why “anyone is freaking out,” adding that many younger conservatives who believe in America First will “not agree 100% on every issue,” and that they will “not the left dictate our strategy alliances and efforts.”

However, this did not stop Fox News from deciding to run a hit piece on Gosar, describing Fuentes as “purported Holocaust denier,” a claim mostly derived from a clip from his show featuring an out of context joke about cookies. Fuentes has repeatedly described these comments as a “lampoon,” and in an interview with Milo Yiannopoulos, Fuentes acknowledged the historical accuracy of the Holocaust, noting that specifically 6 million Jews were killed in the atrocity.

The Fox News piece used quotes from the Canary Mission, a far-left “anti-Semitism watchdog,” and Jared Holt, a current resident fellow with the globalist Atlantic Council. Holt had previously worked with Right Wing Watch, an organization dedicated to targeting conservatives who dare to stray away from “acceptable” politics, with usually an aim of getting them fired from their jobs.

In a series of tweets, Fuentes slammed Fox News, arguing that they were “part of the liberal mainstream media,” just as much as CNN or MSNBC. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Fuentes continued. “I’m a real American Patriot. The people lying about me are evil and hate our country. I will never bow to them and I will never apologize,” he concluded.

Fox News themselves also drew backlash from other conservatives for their attacks on Gosar and Fuentes. Hold The Line PAC, run by former Delaware Senate candidate Lauren Witzke, posted a meme suggesting that Fox was backing “literal bolsheviks at the ADL” instead of the America First agenda, something most of their viewers would be far more supportive of.