FRANCE: ‘Teens’ Microwave Cat, Post Images on Social Media


Two teens in France filmed themselves microwaving a cat and uploaded the footage on social media, causing an uproar online with the pair receiving death threats from furious commenters.

The teens, from Dunkirk, North-East France, can be heard giggling in the footage when they shove a struggling cat into a microwave before slamming the door on it and turning on the machine.

After the teens turn on the microwave, the cat whimpers and desperately tries to escape.

The Dunkirk Animal Protection Society (SPA) posted screenshots of the depraved video on their Facebook page, after they had saved the feline.

The SPA intervened after they had received complaints following the dissemination of the troubling video on Snapchat.

The SPA later removed their post of the video, urging social media users to calm down in light of the enraged public’s response, where the teens were given death threats, and had their names and addresses posted.

In Europe and throughout the Western world, news media has started a trend of describing migrants or children of migrants as “teens,” though it is uncertain if this applies to this story.

According to The Daily Mail, The SPA wrote. “The address provided regarding one of the teenagers is absolutely not his own but that of a poor lady living alone and having nothing to do with this story!”

“In addition, the families of teenagers receive threats too; these teenagers no longer live at home.”

“We are not judges, no lawyers, no police … Justice must and will do its job!”

Thankfully, the cat was found a new home this past week.

Animal cruelty carries a hefty penalty in France of up to two years in prison and a $33,000 fine.