French Girl In Hiding After Insulting Islam Speaks Out: ‘I Absolutely Do Not Regret My Words’


The 16-year-old French who has suffered a deluge of rape and death threats threats after mocking the Islamic faith has doubled down on her message on her message in an Instagram live video where she says “I absolutely do not regret my words.”

Orriols is a lesbian atheist who used to post singing videos to social media, until she criticized Islam online after reportedly having to rebuff the advances of a Muslim man.

Via The Daily Mail:

France‘s left-wing elite have been accused of cowardice for failing to support a 16-year-old girl who has faced death threats after she insulted Islam online.

The girl, known as Mila, said Islam ‘is a s*** religion’ and the Koran is ‘full of hate’ in an outburst online after she repeatedly rebuffed a Muslim’s advances.

She has been removed from her sixth-form college in Lyon, south-east France, by police ‘for her own safety’ and has faced a torrent of insults and threats to rape and kill her.

Mila Orriols was attacked by left-wing French politicians, despite being left-wing herself, over her “lack of respect” for Islam.

The sentiment appears to be common amongst French politicians that mockery or criticism of religion does not fall under the definition of free speech.

Despite the outpouring of hatred that led to her being booted from her sixth-form college and forced into hiding, the hashtag #jesuismila – we are Mila – has been circulated online by her supporters to spread awareness about her situation.

Orriols posted an Instagram live video on January 25 in which she clarified her remarks but refused to apologize.

“I hate religion,” Orriols said, describing Islam as a “s*** religion” and the Qur’an as “full of hate.”

The teen said that she is not racist because Islam is a religion, not a race: “What the f*** are you stupid, we can’t be racist toward a religion.”

In 2019 the French government passed a bill criminalizing so-called “online hate speech,” and threatening social media platforms with fines if offending content is not taken down immediately.

European hate speech laws are often cited by American politicians as a good model for the United States to follow, so that feelings are not hurt online.