Gab Announces Marketplace, Advertising, Payment Processor That Will ‘Replace’ Facebook, Twitter And Google Ads


Gab CEO and founder Andrew Torba recently announced a series of new features planned for the social media website, which has grown rapidly since the anti-conservative bias at big tech companies led to a series of high profile bans and mass exodus, that appear to rival both Google’s ability to serve ads to users across the Internet and Facebook’s ability to allow users to engage with each other to buy and sell.

“We must support business owners and creators who share our values. This is the only way that we will free ourselves from the globalist system of enslavement, degeneracy, and destruction,” wrote Torba on his website. He noted that Gab has “been working toward making this new online economy possible” on multiple fronts. “Our number one priority for 2021 is enabling a free market to form in the Gab ecosystem,” Torba explained.

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To that end, Torba notes that a “new online economy” requires five things: Communication, payment processing, a marketplace, and advertising. Torba believes Gab will fill each role.

“Distribution and communication tools” will be “powered by Gab Social and Gab TV,” while “resilient payment processing” will be offered through the upcoming “GabPay”. Torba also unveiled that a Gab “Marketplace” is “being built as we speak and integrated into Gab Social,” seemingly similar in features to the widely used Facebook Marketplace. Finally, Torba adds that Gab will soon offer “Advertising, so businesses can reach customers and customers can support businesses who share their values”.

Torba explains that prior to founding Gab, which he previously explained was inspired by his experiences in Silicon Valley, where he says many have a bias against Christians and conservatives, he owned a successful digital advertising agency.

“Advertising on the internet doesn’t need to be some complex intrusive process in roder to be effective,” wrote Torba. “It simply needs to get the right message in front of the right audience for the right price. When you advertise on Gab, our community knows that you are supporting Gab and will therefore be much more likely to support your business in return.”

He explained that Gab Ads will launch this year, and will initially be invite-only, and ads will be available both on Gab TV and Gab Social.

“Our goal with this product is not only to replace Facebook and Twitter ads, but also to replace Google Adsense and help publishers monetize their web traffic with Gab Ads.”

Torba then reveals that Gab currently receives over 100 million monthly page views from more than 15 million unique visitors, primarily based in the United States and aged between 20 and 60 years old.