Gay Chorus That Sang ‘We’re Coming For Your Children’ Gawked Over High School Boys In Video About Sports Being ‘Gay’


Yesterday, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was heavily criticized for a video they released where the chorus members sang “We’ll convert your children / Reaching one and all / There’s really no escaping it” and “We’re coming for your children”, causing the chorus to ultimately remove the video from its YouTube account and send DMCA complaints to anyone who reuploaded the disturbing video. Today, Internet researchers unearthed a video in which the chorus gawked at a high school athlete while insisting that “wrestling is gay”.

The video, titled “‘Extracurricular’ Virtual Performance by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” features 18 men singing about why various sports are gay, gawking over divers, dancers, football players, and wrestlers for their apparently-sexually exciting uniforms. When the chorus began singing about wrestling, they used high school video uploaded in 2016 showing an athlete-turned-activist named Justice Horn wrestling another unknown student.

“Wrestling is gay for obvious,” sang the mostly older men, before pointing at the video of Horn. At the time the video used by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus was recorded, Horn was a high school student in rural Missouri. It is unclear if Horn was 18 at the time the video was recorded, though it is from his senior year of high school. While Horn’s identity is known due to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus placing his name in the video, the name of the student he was wrestling is not known. Additionally, it is unknown whether the unknown student was a minor when the video was recorded. (READ MORE: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Brags ‘We’re Coming for Your Children’ in New Zoom Song)

In a series of interviews, Horn later revealed that he is himself gay, and came out in high school and college as a gay student athlete. Currently, he is a pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-monument destruction activist turned politician running for local government in the Kansas City area. It is unclear if the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus knew of Horn’s radically left wing politics when using his video, but it is almost certain that they knew Horn was a high school student when the video was recorded.

The YouTube description of the original video, apparently uploaded by Horn’s family member, contains the text, “Justice Horn, Senior at Blue Springs High School (Class of 2016). It seems likely that the person responsible for the creation of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. would have seen this description if they downloaded the video from YouTube. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus uploaded their video in March of this year.