‘Gender-Neutral’ Boy Crowned Second Male Homecoming Queen


A “gender-neutral” boy becomes the second to be crowned the male Homecoming Queen of a California school.

Two boys have been crowned Homecoming Queen in recent weeks.

The first in Memphis, the second in–surprise!–California.

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At a Memphis high school, Brandon Allen, 17, was crowned ‘Royal Court’–instead of Queen–due to the gender neutrality of the term, chosen by the school, to take into consideration students who many not feel comfortable with their assigned gender.

Allen said he preferred the title, ‘Queen.’

He went onto say, “thank you to everyone who has contributed to me becoming queen. You guys truly looked stunningly beautiful and I am so honored to have been able to walk with you guys!!”

According to Pulpit and Pen:

The school’s principal cited Title IX regarding non-discrimination, saying, “Here’s the thing: it’s Brandon’s right to run for homecoming court under Title IX. It’s the students’ choice of who they want to support as homecoming royalty. I’m exceedingly proud to be the principal of our amazing school.”

Yet, it doesn’t end there.

At another high school–this time, in Clovis, California–a biological boy identifying as ‘gender neutral’ was crowned ‘Homecoming Queen.’

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Initially, the boy, Taylor Meyer, was nominated as ‘prince’ but he preferred to be queen.

A crowd at Lamonica stadium cheered at Meyer’s coronation.

Pulpit and Pen reports:

Meyer explained his gender was “neutral” and “fluid,” adding, “I wear makeup and high heels every single day. For me, gender is more of a spectrum. There are days when I feel more masculine. There are days when I feel more feminine.”

Then Meyer told the press, “I’m super nervous and I really have to pee.”

Last year, a teenage biological male was crowned Homecoming Queen at a New Orleans high school.

The award looks to be gaining popularity with biological males to promote tolerance and inclusivity in certain schools.