George Floyd Monument Vandalized In Brooklyn, Enraging Police And City Officials


A bizarre George Floyd monument commemorating Juneteenth was vandalized in Brooklyn early Thursday morning, only to be rapidly restored to its original form.

A statue of George Floyd, that was unveiled five days ago in Brooklyn, New York in commemoration of the new federal holiday Juneteenth, was vandalized Thursday morning according to police and the statues creators.

The George Floyd bust was splashed with black paint on the front, along with white graffiti painted on the sides that spelled out a URL linking to the website of the group claiming responsibility for the act. The statue was quickly restored during the day.

“There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing,” said a New York Police Department spokesperson in a statement. Additionally, the NYPD Hate Crimes task force is investigating the incident. “The HCTF is investigating vandalism, discovered this morning, to the new George Floyd statue that was unveiled at 1545 Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn,” tweeted the task force. 

“You’re cowards. You did this at night when no one could see you. I’m restoring it in the day when everybody can see your hate,” said Lindsay Eshelman, co-founder of ConfrontART.

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, said the vandalism “is a perfect example of why we are so diligent in promoting change. As a community we should stand together in peace and in turmoil.” Leftists online have expressed rage over the incident, calling it a “despicable act of vandalism.”

“Last night a far-right extremist group vandalized a statue of George Floyd in Brooklyn. A racist, loathsome, despicable act of hate. The City Cleanup Corps is repairing the statue right now and a hate crime investigation is underway. We will bring these cowards to justice,” tweeted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose daughter is a known leftist that had been previously arrested during a BLM riot in Manhattan.

It appears that leftists only seem to be against vandalizing monuments when the monuments being vandalized align with their political ideology. Throughout recent years, leftists and BLM supporters have not only advocated for the vandalism of confederate monuments, but have called for the outright removal of statues, which they believe represent oppression, white supremacy, and slavery. In Richmond, Virginia, leftists have even gone so far as to remove Confederate General A.P. Hill from his grave with no plans to relocate the coffin, as National File reported. 

“I think we have drawn this out as long as we can and longer than it should have been,” City Councilman Mike Jones said of the grave site’s desecration. “I know that so many Richmonders are just ready for this saga to be over so we can put a pin in this portion of our painful past,” said Jones, who also called the General’s resting place a “painful trinket of white supremacy.”

In a statement to National File, Barry Isenhour, a spokesman with the Virginia Flaggers, a group dedicated to celebrating and preserving Confederate history, blasted the city’s plans, accusing the “degenerates” running Richmond of cowering to anti-history “social justice terrorists.”

“It comes as no surprise to us that the degenerates in Richmond have announced plans to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by literally digging up his remains in their ongoing quest to eliminate any trace of the city’s history and heritage which might happen to ‘offend’ the small but howling mob of social justice terrorists,” said Isenhour. “As Thomas Carlyle observed, ‘It takes men of worth to recognize worth in men.’ That leaves those in charge in Richmond, OUT.”