GERMANY: Citizens Face Prison For Insulting EU Flag


Freedom in Europe to be curtailed, yet again.

Amid reforms to censor so-called ‘hate speech’ online, governments have colluded with social media companies to remove speech and media which they deem to be fake or harmful.

The EU can’t exactly boast the most democratic past despite superficially standing for liberal principles.

The EU has failed to honor referendum results and many of their representatives have gained positions of significant power and prestige through their lofty connections, rather than a democratic vote.

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In Saxony, denigrating the EU fact could carry a harsh punishment of up to three years imprisonment.

According to Die Welt:

The (German) Federal Council wants to better protect the European symbols such as the flag and the anthem from slurs. In a bill passed on Friday, the State Chamber proposes a new offense, which provides for the contempt of the European flag or anthem up to three years imprisonment or a fine. So far, the Criminal Code protects only symbols of foreign states and the Federal Republic of Germany against denigration.

The Saxon Minister of Justice Sebastian Gemkow (CDU) pointed out that in the spring in Saxony protesters marched over an EU flag. Such incidents should no longer be punishable in the future.

According to the bill, those who have removed, destroyed, damaged or defaced a publicly affixed European flag must also face a penalty. The draft will now be forwarded to the Bundestag via the Federal Government. He decides whether he wants to take up the proposal of the Landkammer. There are no fixed deadlines for this.

But it doesn’t stop there for Germany.

Freedom of expression is relatively restricted for a Western Nation, although other countries appear to be following suit–and fast.

Breitbart reports:

German newspaper Saarbrücken Zeitungobtained a draft of the law earlier this year that urged law enforcement agencies “to take firm and effective action against those whose aim is to disparage the fundamental values ​​of the European Union”.

The draft continued, stating that violations would also cover attacks “on the reputation of the symbols of the European Union”.

The newly passed bill must now be ratified by the Bundestag, although no date for a vote on the matter has been scheduled so far.

Germany has laws on the books that outlaw the denigration of foreign flags and national emblems but so far, the European Union’s flag and symbols have not been recognised under the laws.

The country also has laws against insulting foreign heads of state, a law that nearly saw the prosecution of left-wing comedian Jan Böhmermann in 2016 over an offensive poem about Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that was later banned by a German court.

Aside from these particular cases, the German media has also used euphemisms to cover for migrant crimes by describing certain suspects as ‘southern looking’ to conceal their identity.

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The German authorities were also caught attempting to cover up migrant crime, such as the New Year’s Eve mass-molestation of Cologne, where hundreds of women were sexually assaulted by Middle-Eastern and North African men, which police initially reported as uneventful.

As a result of censorship and liberal open border policies, Europe has witnessed a dramatic surge in right-populist movements wishing to counteract destructive globalist ‘end-of-history’ politics.