GERMANY: Migrant Handed Suspended Sentence for Murdering Man


A Syrian migrant who was accused of murdering a German man from Wittenberg in 2017 was handed a two-year suspended for his crime.

The migrant, known as Sabri H., 20, was 17 at the time when he beat Markus Hempel, 30, several times before the German man fell to the ground, sustaining fatal head injuries.

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Surveillance footage captured the brutal assault, but Markus’ father Karsten, 54, pursued a lengthy legal battle against the Syrian migrant, who was a minor at the time of the murder, to secure a very mild sentence, according to KXAN.

Sabri H. will also be required to perform 120 of unpaid work by September 30 2021 as part of the conviction of “bodily harm resulting in death” following the beating which took place outside of a shopping center.

The young migrant excused his behavior as he was “angry.”

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The victim’s father claimed that the defendant had laughed several times in the courtroom, as if nothing had happened.

After the trial, Karsten reportedly said: “He killed my son, admitted that he was acting out of anger, but he wasn’t detained for a single day. He laughed several times in the courtroom. He lives on as if nothing had happened,” reported the Ireland Liberal.

“Honestly: I am horrified, but I have seen this judgment coming,” he continued.

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Given the migrant’s age of the original assault, the proceedings had to take place behind closed doors at Magdeburg Regional Court, according to De Bild.

The defense also argued about the incident being partially in self-defense, in spite of the surveillance footage.