GET ON GAB: Gab’s Torba Says He’s Talking With Trump Team, Planning Server Upgrade For Trump’s Move


Andrew Torba, the founder of the new tech social media platform Gab, says he is in communication with President Donald Trump’s team and is planning to upgrade the platform’s server capacity in case the president – as legacy tech platforms begin to ban him – commits to moving to the new platform.

“I’m going to be upfront with you: I am in the process of connecting with President Trump’s team as we speak,” wrote Torba in a message posted to his website. “The President’s Gab account is already reserved with hundreds of thousands of followers. We need to massively expand our server capacity and very quickly.”

Torba explained:

Covfefe Coffee

Our enemies have silenced the President of the United States as well as millions of law-abiding Americans.
-Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have all locked President Trump’s account for 24 hours and will likely ban him soon.
-Facebook is scrubbing any and all photos and videos from today’s protest.
-Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are removing the President’s video message that calls for peace (which you can find here on Gab TV)

“Our task is not an easy one, but neither was the task of our Founding Fathers,” Torba explained. “We must fight to defend free speech on the internet now more than ever. Our country, and indeed the world, depends on it.”

“Our children are counting on us to rise to the occasion and defend freedom just as so many have done before us. At Gab, we are ready to answer that call.”

Gab was founded by Torba in 2016, when Twitter and Facebook began their slow process of ratcheting up censorship against political opponents of entrenched political interests.

This comes after Twitter suspended President Trump’s account for 12 hours, and Facebook and Instagram banned him for 24 hours. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram are removing all videos and mention of the Capitol Hill protest that occurred on January 6.

Popular video game streaming platform Twitch also banned a viral emoji after the man responsible for its creation made posts sympathetic to the protests.

National File joined Gab in November of 2020, and has already amassed nearly 100,000 followers.