Giuliani to OANN’s McCabe: House Democrats Hiding Own Ukraine Malfeasance with Impeachment


Rudy Giuliani presented a different narrative for the focus of the Democrat’s impeachment hoax against President Donald J. Trump than the mainstream media has been pushing.

Widely known as “America’s Mayor,” Giuliani pointed to Democrats’ own malfeasance centering around the Clintons’ and Bidens’ Ukrainian involvement as the genesis for their own claims of Ukrainian-U.S. collusion against presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden.

During an investigative report on OANN with Neil W. McCabe, Giuliani talked about his defense of Trump and considerations for future lawsuits against Congressional members.

Giuliani is previously known to reform party officials, and told McCabe that he was contacted by prosecutors from Ukraine, “They wanted to explain the Russia thing,” he said.

Giuliani’s interest in the region started “in the late 80s early 90s”, and his personal and business relationships go back to 2003, he said in the interview.

During the Mueller hearings, Giuliani was hired as Trump’s personal lawyer to investigate the Russian collusion hoax, which in time and unexpectedly, led him back to familiar ground, Ukraine.

“I was told by Ukraine prosecutors that all the time we are investigating Russian collusion, the real collusion was in Ukraine,” Giuliani said.

Collaborating his findings of Trump’s innocence, Guiliani cited a Politico article,  which exposes the corruption of the 2016 Hillary R. Clinton Presidential campaign.

“A Ukrainian court made findings that there was a conspiracy and it was Hillary who was involved, that is why I am investigating this,” Giuliani said. “Hillary colluded and there has been no investigation,” he said.

Giuliani has a reputation of combatting criminal enterprises, like taking down the mafia in New York City in the 1980s when he was a prosecutor, and for his attacks on crime in the streets when he was Mayor in the 1990s, which made him a natural ally for the Ukraine reform party.

“Mueller said in his report we had to prove Trump’s innocence and I can do that,” Giuliani, Trump’s defense lawyer said.

According to the Political article, “Ukrainian officials confirmed that a criminal investigation had been opened on August 1,” 2017, before Joe Biden was running for President.

Defending himself, Giuliani said, “This is not a vast right-wing conspiracy. I am glad to investigate this for my client, but I am put in this position because no one, including the Republican Senate, or swamp media will look at the corruption Ukraine has been asking them to look at.”

The Russia hoax turned into the Impeachment hoax overnight after details of a phone conversation between two leaders, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and President Trump were revealed.

Zelenskiy is the current leader of the reform party and is known as “The Servant of the People” and a former celebrity, making a natural bond between himself and Trump.

Zelenskiy has testified that he felt no pressure from Trump to investigate corruption in his country during the phone call that the Democrats are using as impeachment fodder.

Giuliani said the Ukrainian officials have been doing everything they could, in fact, to get Americans to pay attention to the corruption. “There is no Quid Pro Quo in that call,” Giuliani said.

“What Trump is being accused of doing with Russia, Hillary did do with Ukraine,” Guilliani said.  “Everything they accuse the president of doing, Biden did times ten,” he said to McCabe.

“We are considering a lawsuit against some congress members.  I believe they are involved in an illicit plan to remove the president of the United States,” he said.

McCabe said OANN would continue to investigate.