Giuliani Told War Room, “Ukraine said Trump is The First President to Get Corruption Right”


Rudy Giuliani is publicizing evidence that Trump’s interest in Ukraine Corruption was warranted, welcomed and justified as he continues to fiercely and publicly defend President Trump

On Monday, Giuliani was the guest of Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room and spoke about his high profile appearances discussing Ukraine’s corruption and his defense of Trump, on Social Media, and on recent specials on OAN News.

Jason Miller, co-host of the popular War Room Podcast, laid out five categories of the recent evidence Giuliani has made public in recent weeks.

“I see five separate categories that your recent tweets fall into. One: Faulty charges of Corruption in the President 2016 campaign; Two: Possible Ukraine outright theft 5.5 Billion dollars during Obama administration; Three: Interference in Ukraine’s anti-Corruption investigations by Joe Bidden; Four: Obscene amounts of money to Biden’s son, Hunter mad Concern about; and Five: Ambassador Yovanivich, from Ukraine Embassy,  wasn’t truthful to Congress, ” Jason Miller, former Communications Director for Trump 2016 campaign said.

Giuliani agreed with Miller’s statement. “Yes, I agree that those were very accurate categories,” he said.

Giuliani went on to describe his investigation and said he plans to testify to House Republicans and to tell the President later this week.

“The whole purpose of my original investigation involved investigators in Ukraine who told me there was a bigger situation in Ukraine than there was in the Russian Hoax, and that the Russian thing was a doge.  They told me that the two things [Russian Collusion Charges and Actual Ukraine Corruption]  overlapped and Biden was a key player,” Giuliani said.

“Recall the video confession, this is more proof than Adam Schiff has given the American people about Trump committing any crime,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani is referring to the now infamous video in which Biden bragged about using U.S. taxpayer funds to bribe a Ukrainian brass to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter Biden’s company, Burisma.

Even BuzzFeed news was forced to report that Biden’s advisers knew his 2018 comments would become a problem, reporting that “even those who worked closely with Joe Biden cringed when he said the words.”

Here is the now-infamous video:

“I didn’t know about the Bidden connection originally, I found out they were washing illegal money to Clinton campaign from oligarchs.  I could care less about 2016 election, but I investigated because I am defending my client.  I interviewed 20 witnesses and I thought I made an overwhelming case of bribery by Biden and then I faced charges because the Democrats say I am a criminal, ” Giuliani said.

Chris Ruddy, CEO and founder of Newsmax, who was also a guest on the show said, “Rudy turned the case around with Mueller and that is why the media hates him. This was a defense of the president, I have investigated and there you, Rudy,  broke no law, ” he said.

They want to stop me from defending Trump. The Democrats have released my phone records.  They a didn’t even go to court to see if thy intercepted my phone records. AT and T didn’t notify me and I have an attorney-client privilege. I am defending my client and the evidence is overwhelming,” Giuliani said.

“Money was funned to Clinton campaign,”Giuliani said.

 “My evidence is a lot clear than anything Schiff has presented to the American people to impeach the President,” he said.

“My main investigation is into the bribe by Biden.  It is documented on tape, with a confession, I have documented it with phone calls that prove it, records prove what I am saying is true, and with an eyewitness who has no charge of corruption, who have a stellar record. I have two other prosecutors, that is three witnesses to prove what I am saying,” Giuliani said.

“Biden got off the most crooked man in Ukraine and then hired Biden’s sons and John Kerry’s stepson to protect the guy’s company. Kerry’s stepson pulled out, while the Vice President [Biden] was handing out the money and most of the money went to Burisma, it went to their favor. The corrupt guy kept his business because Biden made bribes,” Giuliani said.

“On the OANN Specials you have made the allegations the ambassadors who have testified,  Taylor, Kent, have been stopping those prosecutors, your witnesses to leave the United States,” Miller stated.

Giuliani said, ” Yes. I have the records to prove it and that it has been going on for 3-4 years.  I have witnesses and records that the Ukraine Embassy will not allow them to come here.  Maria Yovaivich, the US Ambassador, stopped witnesses from coming and she lied about it under oath. She lied, committed perjury on this,” Giuliani said.

“I will testify to all of this at the convenience of Republicans at the end of this week,” Giuliani said.

“I have a {Ukraine] Audit report 2017 question Billions of spending, they are telling the US that we are wasting our money. That  5.5 Billion was being wasted, and I found out the embassy officials visited the Ukraine police and said that the US  are not worried about the waste, to stop the investigations.

“Ukraine has told me that the president was justified and required to make the call he made. That he is the first American President to lay our corruption correctly, and that under Obama all of that corruption had gotten worse,” Giuliani said.