Glenn Beck Defends Nikki Haley After She Brags About Removing Confederate Flag


Nikki Haley (R-SC) former Governor and former UN Ambassador is in the middle of a firestorm over a series of interviews and her comments about the Confederate Flag when Glenn Beck of The Blaze, came to her rescue and twisted her comments to help her.

Haley was Beck’s guest  Monday, attempting to repair the political damage Haley had done to herself with her recent justifications for removing the beloved South Carolina’s State flag from the State Capitol during her time as Governor, which was viewed at the time as a political stunt to garner support from Democrats, thereby elevating her to national fame.

Beck has a history of flip-flopping on many issues and candidates, especially on whether or not he supports Trump and his American First policies.

Haley has taken a beating in the left dominated media for days after a first appearance with Beck, causing the media to both revisit her orders to permanently remove the Confederate flag from public buildings in 2015, and also claim Haley was confused about the “racist” symbolism of the flag, fueling discord for Haley from both the right and the left.

The removal of the flag was seen as a deep betrayal to the people of South Carolina, who still feel betrayed over the issue.

Here is Haley talking to Beck, in the first interview, that caused the recent stir:

Haley returned to Beck’s show to fix the damage the first appearance caused, but first she doubled down on the comments on Twitter.

Yet, later The Blaze said of the podcast:

“Haley discussed both the tragic, race-fueled shooting that occurred during her time in office and her decision process in removing the flag from South Carolina statehouse grounds. But Media Matters, the group funded by George Soros, decided to completely twist her comments instead. They used manipulative headlines to try and convince Americans that Haley said the Confederate Flag was one that represented service and sacrifice. But did they even listen to Haley’s full comment before taking a tiny soundbite completely out of context? Here’s a hint: no. No they didn’t.”

So which is it?  It is too confusing to figure out.

These flip flops come at a time when Halley is making gestures of running for higher office in 2020, and while there is some speculation that she may be the anonymous author of an anti- President Donald J. Trump book, that exposes what the insider sees as bad leadership by Trump.

Haley was an outspoken critic of Trump’s during the 2015 Presidential campaign, even serving as a spokeswoman of the GOP during the primary debates, saying Trump would be a terrible president, saying people should “resist” Trump.

Yet there was speculation as recently as a year ago that Haley would run as a primary opponent against Trump for the 2020 Presidential election.

Even after being given historic importance and a high profile job at the UN, it is unclear what Haley’s motives are in removing the State flag, in representing her constituents, in running for office and whether or not she supports, understands or even cares what the American people want.