GOHMERT: Biden Needs To Realize There Have Been Worse Things Than Unarmed Election Protesters ‘Coming Into a Building’


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) made a statement of objective truth that others have been reluctant to share on Friday, noting that President Joe Biden and his politically motivated federal prosecutors need to understand that “there have been things worse than people without any firearms coming into a building” on January 6.

“When Pearl Harbor occurred, that was more, and thousands – two to three thousand people – were killed, that was more of an attack on democracy than the protests of January 6,” Gohmert said. “When 9-11 occurred, and I know it’s been so long ago that a lot of people have forgotten apparently about 9-11, three thousand people killed, the Pentagon was hit, the two World Trade Centers were hit, thousands died. That was more of an attack on democracy.”

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“You know, I just want the President to understand, there have been things worse than people without any firearms coming into a building,” Gohmert added.

Biden’s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation have embarked on a zealous campaign of hunting and arresting election integrity protesters that has been described by many experts as political persecution.

In April, an Alaska couple’s house was stormed by an armed FBI team, and ransacked while agents refused to show a warrant for several hours and demanded to know the location of Nancy Pelosi’s missing laptop:

An Alaska couple were rudely awakened on Wednesday April 28 when an armed FBI squad broke down their door and stormed their house while they were still asleep, handcuffing the couple at gunpoint and interrogating them for over two and a half hours while refusing to provide a search warrant.

Inn & Spa owners Paul and Marilyn Hueper had their front door broken down at approximately 9 a.m. without warning, though FBI agents claimed they had knocked on the door twice.

“It was a little alarming when I turned around the corner,” Paul said, describing a scene where at least seven firearms were trained on him and his wife. “The first thing they did was start barking out commandments.”

“We sat there really for the first hour, not knowing what’s going on,” Paul added. “They never offered for us to be comfortable. It was very harshly done.”

The agents ransacked the house after leaving a large hole in the front door, and confiscated multiple laptops and cellphones.