GOP Rep. Calls For Investigation Into Fellow Republicans Who Supported Trump In Electoral College Challenge


Freshman U.S. Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), couldn’t get enough of being a Trump supporter when she was running for office. But now that she has been elected, she has transformed into one of the most ardent Never Trump legislators on Capitol Hill.

Mace has taken up the anti-Trump charge in calling for a purge of her fellow Republicans in the House who opposed the certifications of questionable slates of electors to the Electoral College from five battleground States.

Mace is aggressively called for an investigation into her colleagues’ support for the Stop the Steal rally last week that preceded chaos and violence on Capitol Hill. That violence – increasingly evidenced to be orchestrated by anarchist and Marxist elements – left five people dead including a 14-year veteran of the US Air Force, Ashli Babbitt, and a US Capitol police officer.

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Mace launched her anti-Trump attacks with an assault on U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), a freshman lawmaker who also campaigned to victory with the help of the President, knowingly repeating debunked Progressive talking points that Greene is a member of the QAnon movement.

“I’m disgusted by what you and other Q-conspiracy theorists did last week in the chamber after all of the violence,” Mace said in a text thread featuring freshmen GOP lawmakers.

Greene’s response to Mace alluded to Black Lives Matter terrorism saying, “Don’t believe the fake news.” Mace responded, “Literal QAnon lady trying to deny she’s a QAnon lady.”

Greene all but confirmed the exchange in an interview with Axios when she said, “Who is the freshman rep that is betraying everyone’s trust and leaking our group chat to the press?”

Mace is vocal in her determination to see an investigation into her pro-Trump colleagues, which could potentially include charging them for supporting the President’s rally last week.

Mace’s jagged move to the Never Trump movement begs the question for many constituents if she deceived the voters of South Carolina by feigning support for the President from the beginning.