Gorka Says TPUSA Will ‘Save Our Republic’ With Hedge Fund Donations


Sebastian Gorka, a shortly lived member of the Trump administration who transitioned to talk radio after leaving the White House, wrote on Twitter that a former hedge fund manager is assisting Turning Point USA in their goal of “saving our Republic” with a hefty $5 million donation.

As TPUSA solicits funds at its year-end Mar-A-Lago celebration, Gorka wrote on Twitter that a former hedge fund manager who funded political action committees run by the anti-Trump Karl Rove, and the campaign of failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum, is helping TPUSA save the American republic.

“This man just invested $5 million into saving our Republic by supporting @TPUSA,” wrote Gorka. “God bless @FosterFriess and @charliekirk11.”

Gorka recently aligned himself with TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk as the conservative wunderkind refused to take questions from young conservatives, smearing critics of the organization and Kirk as “disgusting,” “vile,” and “anti-Semitic.”

The hedge fund manager photographed with Gorka, Foster Friess, is a major Republican donor to establishment party figures, having helped jump start the American Crossroads PAC, a political action committee started by #NeverTrump stalwart and former President George W. Bush administration official Karl Rove.

Friess also gave millions to the Koch Brothers, who have become politically aligned against President Donald Trump over their desire for unlimited legal and illegal immigration.

For his part, Friess created one of the most successful hedge funds in the United States, Friess Associates, LLC. He has been identified by Forbes as one of the greatest fund managers of this generation.

The thought of an establishment Republican donor helping TPUSA to save the republic may raise some eyebrows, especially after Gorka, and to a lesser extent TPUSA, successfully had Michelle Malkin removed from her position with Young America’s Foundation.

Gorka also campaigned for America First conservative Nick Fuentes to be banned from Twitter.

Prior to the recent clashes between young conservatives and TPUSA, the organization was already under fire for firing a popular brand ambassador at the behest of the far-left Right Wing Watch and Jared Holt.