Greg Kelly’s Newsmax TV Show Beats 3 CNN Shows In Ratings, Including Don Lemon’s


The October 26, 2021 ratings for cable news programs reveals that while Tucker Carlson and Fox News still dominate, even up-and-coming Newsmax TV is outperforming CNN with its flagship prime time program Greg Kelly Reports.

The Five remains the most viewed program, though by an increasingly small margin of just over 150,000 viewers. Tucker Carlson’s nightly show remains the second most viewed news program on cable television, and the most viewed prime time news program overall, with Tucker Carlson Tonight clocking in at over 3.1 million viewers.

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Fox News programs continue to dominate most of the ratings, with Rachel Maddow the only host not from the network to make it in the top 10 shows for October 26.

Illustrating the catastrophic ratings collapse for the left wing network, CNN’s highest rated show clocks in much lower, with Chris Cuomo’s program taking number 30. Historically, CNN has always been a competitive network, and MSNBC was considered an outlier with few viewers, but this changed in 2016.

Now, CNN has taken this mantle of least watched major cable news network. Among the lesser viewed, mediocre ranks between 30 and 50, CNN dominates the ratings board with only a few programs from MSNBC breaking up CNN’s average streak.

In the list of CNN programs that receive minuscule viewers, however, a challenger approaches: Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly now has the 50th highest rated cable news program, with over 350,000 viewers. Kelly’s program is ahead of three different hours of CNN programing.

The fledgling cable news network’s prime time host has more viewers than CNN’s Don Lemon, and two hours of CNN’s morning show, New Day. In fact, former Trump administration White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s program also fares better than one hour of CNN’s New Day.

While Newsmax TV and One America News have both been disparaged by those in the left wing dominated broadcasting industry, it appears Kelly’s program is on track to outperform other left wing cable news programs, too.

With 367,000 viewers, Kelly is only around 40,000 viewers away from unseating the entirety of CNN’s New Day. From there, it is only a short jump for Kelly unseat CNN Newsroom and then take aim for a more substantial target, MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Reports.