Groypers Troll Turning Point USA At CPAC With Registration Posters


Turning Point USA has been trolled at CPAC by an anonymous prankster who created a fake poster that links to a Nick Fuentes video.

Turning Point are hosting an event on Thursday evening at the Cadillac Ranch, which the posters seem to promote. “Claim your free tickets,” the poster reads, with a QR code attached underneath.

The code creates a tweet that thanks CPAC for standing up to the “open borders agenda,” and also includes a link, which does not include a preview.

To supposedly claim the tickets, the tweet has to be posted. However, it does not link to a Turning Point page or anything of the sort, but actually a video by Nick Fuentes, the host of America First and the leader of the “groyper war” against Turning Point.

The pranksters even put the posters up at the official Turning Point booth at CPAC, and managed to persuade TPUSA staffers to pose with the posters.

As of the time of writing, the posters have seemingly yet to be detected by Turning Point, as they are still in place.