‘He Will Be The Nominee’: Hillary Admits Trump Will Win GOP Nomination In 2024, Complains Republicans Don’t Trust Elections


During a segment on The View, Hillary Clinton warned that President Donald Trump, America First Republicans, and their supporters are gaining ground in their effort to root out election corruption, complaining about Americans’ refusal to accept results of elections that appear to be rife with fraud and corruption.

While appearing as a guest on The View, Hillary Clinton admitted that if President Donald Trump wanted to be the Republican nominee for President in the 2024 Presidential Election that he would be successful in such an effort. “If he wants to be the [Republican] nominee, he will be the nominee,” said the failed presidential candidate.

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Clinton criticized Republican leaders who have fought for election integrity, claiming they have “willingly gone along as though they’re members of the cult,” and have “sown so much doubt” in US elections, of which have widely been criticized both in the United States and internationally.

“I think we are at a very dangerous, continuing, high-level attack on the legitimacy of our government and the election of our President,” Clinton, who blindly repeated conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the election after her own loss, said on The View.

“Their continuing attacks on the election, their refusal to say ‘you know what? We’ve counted these votes, it’s over. We are going to move on,’ has sown so much doubt, and then you combine it with the disinformation network known as Facebook, and you’ve got a volatile mix.” She added, “We’re still in the midst of a concerted, well-funded effort to undermine American democracy.”

It appears that Clinton’s concerns about the restoration of integrity in evidently corrupt US elections won’t be ending anytime soon, as a strong majority of Republican voters continue to believe that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from President Trump, even according to left-leaning CNN polls.