Head of Wuhan Hospital Critically Ill with Coronavirus


Following conflicting reports from local press, similar to the misreported death of Coronavirus whistle-blower–who died later the same day–comes a new report concerning the head of Wuchang hospital in Wuhan, who remains critically ill, despite reports saying he had died.

Dr. Liu Zhiming was reported to have died by People’s Daily’s English feed, but have now deleted the tweet after it was revealed that the Dr. Zhiming is still alive–but critically ill.

The New York Post reported on the confusion that ensued after the Chinese press backtracked on the original report, which had been picked up by The Daily Mail.

After the announcement of Dr Zhiming’s death was publicized, a Hubei health official stated that he was still being resuscitated in spite of being gravely ill with the life-threatening Coronavirus.

The conflicting reports has led to concerns surrounding the information and reporting emerging from China, reaching an international level.

Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistle-blower who warned of a SARS-like virus infecting patients but who was reprimanded by the police, was erroneously reported to have died by local press.

It was revealed that Dr. Wenliang was fighting for his life, but died hours after the initial reports of death had gone international.

The Coronavirus, which is formally known as COVID-19, has claimed over 1,700 lives as well as infected over 71,000 others.

Bizarre videos have circulated Western social media depicting Chinese citizens suffering abuses at the hands of the authorities out of fears they might be infected with the deadly Coronavirus.

Tens of millions of Chinese citizens are experiencing severe travel restrictions to prevent the spread of further infections.

Several airports have suspended services to Wuhan and other countries have returned travelers originating from the region.