Heritage Action Staff Endorses Pro-Red Flag, Abortion-Expanding Candidate for Virginia AG


Melody Himel Clarke, a Heritage Action Regional Chair, has endorsed a pro-red flag, abortion expanding candidate for Attorney General of Virginia, issuing a lengthy written endorsement in favor of Virginia Beach Republican Delegate Jason Miyares, who before being elected to office himself, served on the staff of never Trump ex-Congressman Scott Rigell.

“Melody Himel Clarke, Virginia Conservative Leader, Entrepreneur, and Conservative Talk-radio host endorses Jason Miyares for Attorney General,” Clarke, who also serves as a Heritage Action Regional Chair, wrote in her endorsement of Miyares.

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Touting Miyares as a pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment candidate, Clarke went on to claim that Miyares, “will lead the fight to restore integrity in our elections…He will protect our Second Amendment rights and will protect LIFE from conception to a [sic] natural death.”

Despite Clarke’s endorsement, Miyares has compiled a legislative record often at odds with his party’s grassroots, conservative base. In 2019, a year before Virginians organized a massive 2nd Amendment “sanctuary” movement to oppose the Democrats’ radical gun control agenda, Miyares introduced a red flag gun confiscation bill almost identical to the one passed by Democrats in 2020, though the bill failed to make it through the then-Republican held House of Delegates. A year later, in the face of massive public opposition to red flag laws, Miyares voted against the Democrat version of his 2019 bill.

During that same legislative session, Miyares voted with Democrats on a bill allowing for the expansion of abortion, voting in favor of HB 1979 amending the state’s assisted contraception statutes. Despite protections for the unborn being booted from a list of amendments to the statute, Miyares voted with Democrats to provide for gender-neutral terminology, while the bulk of House conservatives stood opposed to the measure. Under the statute, unborn children are considered property and are not protected from “termination” in the event of contract disputes or other legal issues involving surrogacy. The action came the same year that Virginia Democrats launched massive legislative attacks against the unborn, with Governor Ralph Northam ultimately going viral in a disturbing video clip describing infanticide.

Also in 2019, Miyares voted for the expansion of no-excuse absentee voting, allowing for no-excuse absentee votes up to 45 days ahead of an election, beginning with the 2020 General Election cycle. Expanded no-excuse absentee voting in 2020 was credited with causing massive election integrity issues, including in Virginia, and has been cited as a major source of election fraud.

Earlier this year, amidst what’s been called a left-wing “cultural revolution,” Miyares voted alongside Democrats to rename all portions of U.S. Route 1 in Virginia named for Confederate President Jefferson Davis amidst the massive assault on Virginia and the nation’s history spearheaded by Governor Ralph Northam and the Democrats. Under the bill Miyares supported, the road will be renamed “Emancipation Highway.”

What’s more, is Miyares has been caught openly lying about his professional experience on the campaign trail, claiming that he is the only prosecutor in the race. Though Miyares was reportedly responsible for prosecuting traffic tickets as an Assistant CA earlier in his career, opponent Chuck Smith, who Miyares will face off against at the Republican Party’s nominating convention, has extensive prosecutorial experience, having served as a JAG officer during his time in the service, prosecuting criminal cases related to both constitutional and military law.

As previously reported by National File, whereas Miyares has caught serious flack from the Republican base over his red flag gun confiscation stance and sudden flip flop in the face of public pressure, Smith has vowed to nullify the anti-2nd Amendment agenda promoted by Governor Ralph Northam and Michael Bloomberg.

Though Clarke didn’t make mention of Heritage Action or her status as Regional Chair in her endorsement, she did write that her “current full-time job” has helped inform her conclusion that Miyares is the self-described conservative candidate for the job, despite a voting history that seems to conflict with the core principles of both Heritage Action, and the conservative movement.

“Personnel is Policy,” wrote Clarke. “There is no better person to make the policy in the Attorney General’s office of Virginia than Jason Miyares!”

Read Clarke’s endorsement of Miyares below: