HOAX: Man’s Apple Watch Proves He Lied About Anti-Semitic Attack Outside Synagogue


A West Bloomfield, Michigan man named Sean Sammit lied about being the victim of an anti-Semitic stabbing outside of his local synagogue, local police revealed Friday.

Sammit claimed a man shouted anti-Jewish slurs at him outside the synagogue before stabbing him with a knife. Sammit also claimed he bravely fought off his attacker and drove himself to the hospital.

Police were instantly suspicious after reviewing data from Sammit’s Apple watch, as Fox 2 Detroit reports:

Sammitt is a former employee at Temple Kol Ami on Walnut Lake Road. West Bloomfield police say Sammitt claimed a man shouted anti-Semitic comments then stabbed him as he left work. Sammitt told police he fought the attacker off and drove himself to Henry Ford hospital.

But police say his story didn’t add up, and a thorough search of the parking lot found no evidence. That’s when they analyzed Samitt’s Apple watch and looked at his heart rate when Samitt claimed the attack happened.

Investigators say it was normal and should have been higher. But the watch showed before the attack that Samitt’s heart rate was elevated.

That led police into the synagogue, where they say they found bloody tissues and a knife Samitt used to stab himself.

Sammit’s self-incurred knife wound was so minor that it did not require stitches.

Rabbi Asher Lopatin said: “We all have to think about the actions that we do and so these little imprints whether on his phone, his watch, or a camera, it just really shows every action we do isn’t going to go unnoticed.”

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