Hong Kong Protesters Wear Pepe The Frog Facepaint To Evade Capture


The Hong Kong protests rage on.

Recent footage emerged showing a police officer firing live ammunition at a protester.

Some protesters, in order to avoid arrest, used laser pens to scramble the facial recognition software monitoring the streets.

Amid the chaos, Pepe the Frog–deemed a ‘hate symbol’ by the ADL–has been adopted as the international symbol of liberation for the Hong Kong protesters.

Images contains placards of the cartoon frog missing an eye went viral on the internet after a female protesters lost an eye following clashes with the authorities.

How people in Hong Kong are fighting against the anti-mask law

Posted by Asians on Sunday, October 6, 2019


Masks were commonly used to protect the identities of protesters engaging in what was an illegal activity.

An anti-mask law was put into effect on Friday–and two people, a man and a woman, were arrested and charged on Sunday for illegally covering their faces.

The Guardian reports:

Hong Kong authorities brought the first charges under a new anti-mask law earlier on Monday, as the city slowly recovered from a weekend of protests against the ban that turned violent, leaving a trail of destruction and shuttered metro stations.

The government insisted the prohibition – unveiled on Friday and brought into effect overnight using sweeping colonial-era powers – was needed to end four months of protests, but instead it has only inflamed tensions across the city.

Several other developed countries such as Canada, Italy, Australia, Germany, and the US also have laws which prohibit certain forms of face coverings, carrying pretty hefty sentences.

The Gadsden flag and Star-Spangled Banner have also been flown by the Hong Kong protesters, symbolizing freedom and revolution.