HORROR ON TAPE: Social Worker Coaches Girl NOT To Tell Mom About Alleged Abuse In Foster Care


The mother who is suing the state of California and Contra Costa County for allegedly improperly removing her daughter from her custody, is moving forward with her lawsuit taking on Child Protective Services (CPS) even though her lawyer Marc Angelucci, who was taking on the case, was recently murdered. (READ: Angelucci’s Murder And The Effort To Take on CPS). Now, NATIONAL FILE has obtained a video of the mother having a call with her child. An employee with the official title “Social Worker III” coaches the girl not to discuss with her mother the alleged abuse she received from another child. The conversation also involves discussion of the child’s drugging while in foster care.

This statement below was written by a third party and is presented unchanged in its entirety:

“Officers of the court in Contra Costa County are forcing children to lie about their treatment in foster care.  Recently a social worker has been caught on a video call instructing a ten year old girl on what she is allowed to say or not say to her mother. HERE IS THE VIDEO

The case involves a ten year old girl who was seized from her mother three years ago. According to a source close to this case, there was no evidence to justify this and that “these people do not need evidence, they just fabricate it. They seem to be able to break state and federal laws at will. The various agencies involved have their own rules and guideline but they seem to have no problem breaching these either”. While in foster care, this girl has been drugged and violently assaulted. She was repeatedly attacked by a boy who was in foster care with her and obviously manhandled by an adult as well. Bruise marks in the shape of a large thumb print, which her mother has photographed, bear testament to this treatment. When her mother raises these questions during the video call, she was obstructed by social worker Precious Nichols and told she could not raise these issues. When the mother continued to express concern around these issues, the call was terminated by the social worker.

The performance of the social workers in this case is carried out under the watchful supervision of disgraced Adaption Specialist Hollie Dale Hertweck. In the world of adoptions, foster care and Family Court, the term “specialist” is used as euphuism for individuals with dodgy credentials who are not particularly well qualified for anything. In general, these people would not make it in the commercial world but once they hop on this gravy train they are guaranteed a good income and a title such as “Specialist.” Hollie Dale Hertweck has earned her stripes by breaking up families and she is particularly good at this. Case N.B. Vs Superior Court of Contra Costa is an example where four siblings who were in foster care together and where Hollie Dale Hertweck used her unique skill set to fan the flames in this already tragic situation.

In the case of this ten year old girl, the visitation video records the mother asking her daughter if she is still on the sleeping pills that she was previously forced to take. The girl then mentions about being put on additional medication without her consent. As this is a violation of HIPPA law and as the mother had already lodged a complaint, she needed to ensure that this practice is not continued. The girl reminds her that she must “block things” and to follow their “directions” in these visitation videos. The mother subsequently asks about the boy who has repeatedly attempted to choke her as she wants to find out if that boy is still in the same foster home as her daughter. Precious Nichols then intervenes and tells her “we don’t talk about that”. She warns the mother not to continue this line of questioning. When the mother asserts her statutory right to continue the conversation,  Ms. Nichols terminates the Zoom conference.

Watching this video is an almost surreal experience. Witnessing the social worker controlling a child like a puppet while she is speaking to her mother, it is unbelievable that this is really happening in 2020 in the Land of the Free. It is difficult not to feel angry but at the same time there is underlying realization that these people can do as they like without fear of sanctions. Some of the more poignant moments are where an older brother of the girl, who has been dragged through the system as well, joins in the conversation and tells his little sister that he misses her too. The whole thing is very harrowing and difficult to watch.

People unfamiliar with this sordid would presume that there are checks and balances to ensure compliance with the law. People like Hollie Dale Hertweck, Contra Costa County Counsel Patricia Lowe, Minor’s Counsel Aracelli Ramirez, Judge Lois Haight and Supreme Court Judge Barbara Hinton are supposed to protect this child. In fact, they protect this social worker and they protect each other. The girl’ two brothers bear her out on the fact that children are forced to lie while in the system and that failure to do so would result in “escalated care”. In other words, they would be sent to a group home or to Juvenile Hall. They are left in no doubt that there is also a very real possibility that they would be trafficked.  Each of the three children from this family have testified that they were coerced into making allegations of abuse against their mother and complained to Judge Lois Haight, who ignored their pleas. She then proceeded to enter the suborned perjured statement into evidence.

According to another source we should be in no doubt that “this is an industry. The counties must reach a quota number of seized children, or they do not receive Title IV federal incentive funds, which come directly out of America’s social security retirement accounts. The cooperation between the various agencies is seamless as there is as there is more money available each time the case is escalated and every time a wrench is thrown in the works. Make no mistake about it, they do everything they can to break up families, to ruin them financially and in every other possible sense until they have cannot fight back. When there is nothing further to take from the family, there is still a final pay day when the child trafficked.  Make no mistake about it, this whole foster care business and the child trafficking business are two sides of the same coin”

 The girl in question has now been diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia. As high cholesterol levels are normally a reflexion of a person’s regular daily diet and as the child has been in foster care for several years, it is highly unlikely that her biological mother played any part. The junk she is being fed while in foster care as well as whatever sugary drinks are given to wash down the sleeping pills are the most likely cause of her health problems. This should obviously cause alarm bells to ring and bring in to question whether these people are more suited than the biological mother to care for her child. This will not happen and more than likely it is music to their ears. Another “specialist” can now be deployed and the circus will continue.

Many of those involved in this racket are women and are themselves mothers. Away from the Ghislaine-esque role that she plays in her “professional” life, Hollie Dale Hertweck lives another life but goes by the name Hollydale Lommel. On her Facebook page, she is portrayed as the exemplary American Mom who brings her children on vacations to exotic locations. Her family, friends (if she has any) and people in her social circle should know that she pays for these vacations by doing Satan’s work.  They might let her know that she is disgusting and that using a different name in her private life does nothing to lessen her part in these evil deeds.”