HOWLEY: Predatory Elites “Thrive on the Suffering of Young Black Men”


Patrick Howley appeared on the Alex Jones Show on Wednesday to discuss the arrest of Clinton donor Ed Buck, and the globalist child sex trafficking rings.

Buck, a prolific donor to the Clintons, was arrested on Wednesday after a “spate of fatal overdoses” at his California home and charged with administering methamphetamine, battery and maintaining a drug house.

Prosecutors wrote in court documents that he “manipulates his victims,” who are primarily young, vulnerable black men, “into participating in his sexual fetishes,” which include “supplying and personally administering dangerously large doses of narcotics to his victims.”

Howley told National File‘s Editor in Chief Tom Pappert, filling in for Jones, that Buck is simply another example of someone “in the Clinton nexus who is obviously preying on black men and taking pleasure and delight in their suffering and misery”:

This is something we often see from elitists who are involved in human trafficking who are connected to the Clintons. They thrive on the suffering of their victims… They feed off misery, adrenaline and negative energy. If you are somebody who is a marginalised person, then you are at risk”

Howley explained that the human trafficking and child sex-trafficking was really kicked off by the Clintons when they passed the Safe Families Act in 1997 “which gave financial incentives to take kids out of their homes and put them in foster care”:

The state of California doesn’t even put out an amber alert when kids go missing for foster care… they’re labelled as runaways, and become prostitutes. In the state of Oregon, parents who are conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters are being targeted by antifa with fake CPS reports. They have a financial incentive to take the kids away and they’re going to look for any reason to do it.

Howley added that the Clintons have really been “at the centre of human trafficking for the last 20 or 30 years”:

It’s a network of people who are all connected with one another… They were running human experiment daycares in Guatemala or Mexico, grooming little kids, giving them fake visas to get them up over the border… You can see the whole map of human trafficking as it comes up over the border, and these kids are the victims of satanic, paedophile human traffickers. That is the issue of our times. That is the power structure of our world right now… This is really a war for humanity… They’re bringing kids in as sex slaves to be used in satanic rituals. It’s not just for their own sexual gratification, but for occult rituals they’re performing.

Howley noted that the elites then blackmail anyone involved in the system, and that there is “accountability” within it:

It’s also for blackmail – world leaders were being blackmailed for the things that they were engaging in that were all on video tape… [the politicians] become 100% owned… Ed Buck has been one of the biggest institutional Democrat donors for a long time… These people are all linked to one another and they’re all compromised. If one of them decides to flip, then the whole thing comes down. That’s why you see so many of these people dying, like Jeffrey Epstein, because there is a system of accountability where if they think someone is going to flip, then they’ll end up dead.

However, all is not lost. Pappert and Howley discussed the fact that the Trump administration is now cracking down on the paedophilic elites.

Howley said that “we are seeing everybody who is connected” with them now becoming a target:

The Church of Scientology is being sued for human trafficking, you can find photos of their lobbyist, Greg Mitchell, with Hillary Clinton… Trump’s been fighting this for years… On October 1st, the Family First Act goes into effect… Trump secretly slipped this into law last year without anyone knowing, and it deincentivises taking kids out of their houses and putting them into foster care… On October 4th, the Trump administration is going to discuss an emergency response to the child sex-trafficking epidemic. The State Department under Mike Pompeo has already confirmed that the foster care system is the breeding ground for human trafficking.

Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration actually ties together with tackling human trafficking. “Most of the parents are not related” to the children that come across the border illegally, and were actually traffickers, Howley said:

When Trump put in… rapid DNA testing at the border, they found immediately that 30% of the parents were frauds. Some even turned around before the test, admitted it, and went back to Guatemala. The ACLU and CNN are now fighting DNA testing? Well why? Wouldn’t you want to know if they’re real parents who are related to the kids? They don’t want to know – they are on the side of human trafficking. They don’t want it to be exposed… they are trying to hide this barbaric practice in plain sight by diverting and making people think that the Trump administration has some kind of fascist policy on the border.