Hungary’s Orbán: ‘We Reject Migrant Quotas, But Accept Deportation Quotas With Pleasure’


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made a compelling case for himself as one the world’s last true right-wing, nationalist figureheads at an annual event hosted by the national-conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party in Rome.

In his speech, Orban voiced support for Italy’s citizenry against the open-borders policies of the ruling class.

“Hungary is ready to help Italy in whatever way we can, but there are areas where we cannot help,” Orbán stated. “We cannot help with the transport and settlement of any migrants in Hungary. That is impossible.”

Italy has been thrown into political turmoil after the ousting of Matteo Salvini as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in early September.

Alongside Salvini’s League, the Brothers of Italy will be one of the most important player’s in Italy’s right-wing coalition during the next elections.

Orban seemed ready to lend full support to Italy if the latter re-establishes a nationalist, anti-globalist agenda: “Once you decide it, we can help you defend your borders, and if you are determined to send home the migrants who are already here, we can help you with that, too.”

“Mandatory settlement quotas, we cannot accept, but deportation quotas with pleasure,” Orbán added, to thunderous applause. “So if PM Conte were to ask the Hungarians to send home a couple of thousand migrants from Italy back to where they came from, then Hungary will be ready and help fulfill such obligations.”

The Hungarian PM voiced optimism about upcoming elections in Austria, Poland, and Hungary, adding that he eagerly awaits Italy’s “return to the club.”

“We are in the minority in the European political elite, but in the majority among nations and people,” Orban concluded. “Our opposition is big, rich, strong and well organized, thus we must fight an unjustly difficult battle for what is right.”