‘I Come From a Jewish Family’: Nick Cannon Claims Great-Grandfather Was Sephardic Rabbi


Reality TV personality and outspoken black supremacist Nick Cannon has continued his apology tour to the Jewish community into the month of August, appearing in an interview with the American Jewish Committee to beg for a rabbi’s forgiveness and claim that he is Jewish himself.

Cannon has yet to apologize for any of the various anti-white statements he made in July, such as calling white people “evil,” “savages,” “closer to animals,” and “a little less.”

The Eminem diss track victim has, however, groveled incessantly and begged for forgiveness for the anti-Semitic statements he made during the same rant. Cannon had stated that blacks are the “true Hebrews,” implying Jewish people are not actually Jewish.

This Monday, Cannon appeared on the American Jewish Co American Jewish Committee’s AJC Advocacy Anywhere online program and claimed that after he received backlash for saying “we are the Semitic people,” he made the discovery that his family is descended from a long line of rabbis.

“My great-grandfather was a Spanish rabbi, and uh, he’s a Sephardic Jewish man who, um, as much heat as I’ve been catching, uh, from the public and the outside it’s hit home for my family in a real way, ’cause I come from a black and Jewish family,” Cannon told Rabbi Noam Marans.

Cannon had previously apologized to “my Jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth and “reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people.”

The former America’s Got Talent host has also been mocked for purported insincerity in his apology after posting repeatedly on Instagram that he is reading books about the Holocaust and meeting with rabbis.