Illegal Immigrant Brothers Gang Rape 10-Year-Old Girl in Louisiana – Police


Three brothers–two of whom are illegal immigrants; the other’s immigration status has not been confirmed–are alleged to have raped a ten-year-old girl in Louisiana.

Raul Paz-Perez, 35, and Wilmer Paz-Perez, 35, originally from Honduras, residing in Kenner, Louisiana, were arrested for First Degree Rape involving a juvenile under the age of 13, according to Fox8 Live, with third Elder Paz-Perez, 31, currently on the loose, is wanted for First Degree Rape.

The rape allegedly occurred on the night of September 9 at a home shared by the victim and the three brothers.

The three brothers allegedly made sexual advances toward the young girl. When she declined their advances they attempted to offer her money. Frightened, the girl escaped and locked herself in a bedroom.

Sadly, the three brothers managed to break their way into the bedroom before launching a sickening sexual assault on their young victim.

“After defeating the lock, the three entered the room, undressed the victim, held her down and sexually assaulted her,” Kenner police said.

On September 12, the alleged victim revealed the ordeal to a relative who then relayed the information concerning the alleged gang rape to the police.

Police arrested brother Raul and Wilmer, but Elder managed to evade arrest and is on the run.

“We don’t know where he is,” Kenner Police Lt. Michael Cunningham said. “He may be out of state.”

The New York Post reports that investigators are attempting to ascertain whether the brothers sexually assaulted the victim’s 15-year-old sister–who also lived at the Louisiana residence.

Investigators are also interviewing the victim’s young stepsiblings about the alleged assault and if they were victimized by the three brothers.

Elder, the alleged child rapist who remains at large, was the boyfriend of his alleged ten-year-old victim’s mother. Elder and his brothers had been living at the mother’s home at the time of the incident.

ICE officials have placed detainers on the two brothers who are currently in custody.

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