In Only 7 Months, National File Becomes Top Read News Website, Overtakes Competition


Since launching in August of 2019, thanks to our readers, National File has quickly swelled to be one of the largest news websites, with millions of monthly page views, and an Alexa Site Ranking in the top 54,000 websites.

With major reporters including Breitbart alumni Patrick Howley and Jack Hadfield, prominent social media pundits including Lionel Du Cane of Orwell & Goode, and top writers at other major publications, National File currently sits at 53,577 in Alexa Site Analytics.

National File has been featured in the top 100,000 websites since at least November of 2019.

Editor-in-chief Tom Pappert credits massive support from National File readers as well as the team of veteran reporters.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without the activist audience reading, sharing, and tweeting our articles,” said Pappert. “National File also has some of the best reporters in the game.”

“Patrick Howley is the guy who broke the Veterans Affairs scandal. Patrick is the guy who broke the Ralph Northam blackface scandal. And now Patrick is the guy who broke the Paul Pelosi Jr. scandal,” said Pappert.

Pappert refers to National File’s series of articles on Nancy Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., who held a high position at an energy company that did business in Ukraine.

Howley also interviewed Pelosi Jr.’s ex-girlfriend who, with court documents and photographs as evidence, claimed to National File that Pelosi Jr. stole her real estate, used Child Protective Services against her, and currently fears the FBI will arrest him.

“All of our reporters bring a lot to National File,” said Pappert. “And our activist audience knows that our articles make a difference when they get the word out.”

Now at 53,577, National File currently ranks above similar websites according to Alexa Site Rankings, including:

  • Big League Politics, now at 88,608.
  • Human Events, now at 66,608.
  • David Harris Jr., now at 181,443.
  • Culttture, now at 589,056.
  • Cernovich, now at 151,087.
  • The American Mirror, now at 100,171.
  • Lifezette, now at 72,884.

National File is now in the same category as prominent, respected websites, including:

  • American Greatness, now at 46,206.
  • Free Beacon, now at 36,287.

Pappert adds, “None of this would be possible without our team or our readers. While big tech is strangling websites like ours, we’re still growing.

Pappert also added that the numbers included in this article are supported by competing website analytics source Similar Web.

“We’re looking forward to a great 2020,” said Pappert.