Indiana Abortion Horror Scene Could Be Bad News For Pete Buttigieg


After the discovery of over 2,200 preserved babies were found in the residence of the deceased Dr Ulrich Klopfer of South Bend, all eyes turn to their Mayor. South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg has proactively avoided making comment on anything concerning abortion laws.

“These questions ought to be resolved by women in consultation with their doctors, not by the intervention of male politicians putting politically motivated restrictions on women’s health care,” he said.

Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Women’s Health Alliance has previously praised Buttigeig for his involvement in resolving disputes between communities and Abortion clinics in South Bend, Indiana.

Additionally Hagstrom openly donates to ACTBLUE, according to the FEC. ACTBLUE  is an online democratic donation-hosting website that features multiple funds for hopeful but trailing Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigeig.

The donations on Buttigieg’s campaign site list over $400,000 in donations from the “medical field.” Given the sinister source of the money’s made by organizations like Whole Women’s Health and Purdue pharmaceuticals, it begs the question of exactly who’s loyalty Pete Buttigeig holds more dear: illegal abortionists, those who profit from pharmaceutical sales, or the American people.

When you consider allegations made by self proclaimed Democratic-Socialist Bernie Sanders, the tether of Big Pharma to politicians who would take money in exchange for pushing legislation is directly comparable to the way Buttigieg handles ruling on situations pertaining to abortion.

With almost half a million dollars in his campaign from the “medical field,” it is fair for a common person to assume that Buttigieg’s silence on abortion is not based on a desire to empower women by giving them full reign over the laws regarding abortions, but rather a paid for talking point.

A recent South Bend Court ruling will permit the continued practices on unlicensed abortion clinics in South Bend Indiana, much like the one that employed the deceased Dr. Klopfer. If the “medical field” contributions can be traced back directly to Hagstrom or WWHA, that implies potentially serious foul play on behalf of Buttigieg.

Many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum would agree that silence on the topic of abortion is no longer an option for Buttigieg.