Infowars Confronts DNC Chair, Anderson Cooper Over Video Of Bernie Staffer Promoting Gulags


Video posted to Twitter shows Infowars reporter Owen Schroyer confronting DNC Chairman Tom Perez over video released by Project Veritas Monday that showed a Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer calling for violence and “gulags.”

Schroyer confronted Perez and his bodyguards in Iowa several hours before Wednesday night’s Democratic debate.

Perez refused to answer Schroyer’s questions, responding only with, “Have a great day sir” and, “What about Trump?”

Perez did not disavow the statements made by Sanders staffer Kyle Jurek in video released by Project Veritas earlier today.

Schroyer also confronted CNN host Anderson Cooper, who refused to answer questions about the Project Veritas tapes.

An associate of Cooper’s repeatedly tried to block Schroyer and brush him aside, saying, “You need to step back.”

“I’m ten feet away from him,” Schroyer replied, but the apparent bodyguard continued to try to block his path.

Cooper stopped to take a picture with a passerby, but continued to ignore Schroyer and walked away, head down and shoulders slumped.

The video referenced by Schroyer has already gone viral on Twitter, and has been reported on by National File:

In the latest video uploaded by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, Jurek claims that Trump supporters are terrified of anti-fascists, likely referring to Antifa, and that the only way to confront Trump supporters is using violence.

“Yeah they seem emboldened. They (Trump Supporters) have been emboldened, right, by Trump and all that rhetoric and sh*t,” said Jurek. “But they are scared f*cking senseless of anti-fascists.”


“Like even like the ones that are kind of like the right wing people,” Jurek added.

Jurek then seems to use the terms Trump supporter and fascist interchangeably, and endorses using violence.

“The only thing that works,” said Jurek, “The only thing that fascists understand is violence.”

“So, the only way that you can confront them is with violence.”