Intel Creates ‘Anti-Toxicity’ Voice Chat Software To Censor Your Voice In Real Time


Tech juggernaut Intel announced this week that they have developed artificial intelligence intended for online gaming voice chat that will censor “toxic slurs” such as “Misogyny,” “Swearing,” “Aggression,” “Ableism and Body Shaming,” “White Nationalism,” “LGBTQ+ Hate,” and the “N-Word.”

While Intel is perhaps best known for its microprocessors and other computer technology, the multinational corporation is now gearing to turn its attention to political activism.

Intel originally started developing censorship AI in 2019, helping Spirit AI’s “harassment” detecting program called “Ally” make the transition to processing actual human speech in addition to voice chat.

Two years later, Intel has proclaimed that their voice censorship program, now called “Bleep,” will be released as a beta this year.

During the GDC showcase, Intel VP Roger Chandler pontificated about “gaming’s dark sides,” citing a report by the left-wing agitator group Anti-Defamation League which claims 22% of players are forced to leave a game due to “harassment.”

Chandler declared that toxic competitive voice chat is a problem that “the entire industry has to address,” and will utilize AI acceleration on “latest-generation Intel laptops and desktop platforms.”

“As you can see behind me, users can define the filters and the categories that they would like to remove,” Intel marketing engineer Craig Raymond said.

“We are very excited to bring Bleep and the power of AI and Intel to gamers everywhere,” Raymond announced, adding that the software will be available for download in 2021.

The bizarre project has been met with a lukewarm response by actual gamers.

“Hmmm… I wonder where they got the voice samples to train the ai,” one commenter queried.

“I am now imagining some poor junior dev at intel being forced to scream obscenities and racial slurs into a microphone at intel HQ lol,” another replied.

It is unclear whether the technology only includes “toxic speech” within the English language, or has a dictionary of “LGBTQ+ hate” and “White Nationalism” terms from around the world.