Investigators Want FBI Probe of NC Gov, Who Started Trans Bathroom Policy, Over Climate Change Slush Fund


Roy Cooper, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, who ignited the culture-changing transgender bathroom policy on the country, is now being called into question over a massive play for pay scheme using environmental policies to bully an energy company and to leverage payouts for Pipelines.

Investigators into the matter concluded that Cooper forced Duke Energy into creating a $57.8M slush fund as a condition of getting an environmental permit for the pipeline.

Local news, WBTV, reported:  “A report released Wednesday morning by investigators hired by an oversight committee of the North Carolina General Assembly concluded that ‘criminal violations may have occurred’ in the process used by Governor Roy Cooper and his staff to issue a critical permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in early 2018.”

Even the Liberal State Papers, the News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer,  surprisingly published the details of the shocking discoveries by the Republican Party, this week and called for an investigation, although they did try to frame the narrative that Cooper was innocent.

From The News & Observer:

Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper set out in late 2017 to create a “mitigation fund” intended to offset environmental damage resulting from construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that is planned to roughly follow I-95 through North Carolina. But what resulted is a misbegotten fund that’s causing ongoing political damage — for him.

The need to investigate further was the report’s main conclusion: “[T]he information suggests that criminal violations may have occurred. An investigative agency with the authority to compel cooperation and the production of documents could potentially obtain additional information to identify violations of criminal statutes.”

The Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, has called for a federal corruption probe into Cooper’s actions, and his office released the following statement, Thursday.

“In light of yesterday’s released report, it is clear that the FBI Public Corruption Unit should be involved.”

Governor Cooper’s top aide left an email and text trail that shows the Cooper administration lied. The CEO of Duke Energy says she met face-to-face, alone, with the Governor; the Governor denies such a meeting took place. Someone is lying.

The Governor says he did not sign off on the pipeline, but emails, timelines, and texts from his top aides say otherwise. Someone is lying. The Governor’s top aide claims the creation of the fund was Duke Energy’s idea and Duke Energy states otherwise. Someone is lying.

“People are lying, and they need to be put under oath, under threat of perjury, and reanswer these questions. I call on the Public Corruption Unit of the FBI to step up and do their job,” Forrest’s office wrote.