IRREPLACEABLE: Rush Limbaugh’s Syndicator Will Continue To Play Legend’s Shows, Not Dan Bongino’s New Program


Despite misleading reports that Dan Bongino will replace radio legend Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Networks, who syndicated Limbaugh’s program to over 600 radio stations across the United States, announced that it intends to keep the radio legend’s memory alive by playing segments of his greatest broadcasts with guest hosts adding additional context.

According to NTD, a spokesman for Premiere Networks insisted, “No one can replace Rush Limbaugh, and Premiere Networks will continue to provide millions of loyal listeners with the voice of Rush for the long term.”

Instead of replacing the program, as Fox News suggested with its press release-style article about Bongino’s new radio program, Premiere Networks will instead “continue airing a series of guest hosts that play archival audio footage of the late personality.”

Fox News previously reported, in an article titled “Dan Bongino to take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio time slot”, that Bongino “will be launching a new radio show during the time slot left vacant by conservative talk radio icon,” and drew parallels between a health scare Bongino had in 2020 and the invasive lung cancer that took Limbaugh’s life earlier this year.

At the time, radio host Stew Peters lambasted Bongino and Fox News for seemingly deceiving their readers, suggesting that their vague headline made many Limbaugh fans believe that his program – and all of his affiliates – would be replaced with Bongino’s new program.

“Now, I don’t know if this was just some regurgitated story that was published by Fox after receiving a press release from the Bongino camp, or if this was a real story that Fox may have manufactured on a slow day in the cycle of media, but this is complete garbage,” said Peters. “Listen folks, I broadcast every day live at 6 p.m. Eastern, but if I move my time slot back a couple of hours, would Fox publish a headline about how my show is replacing Tucker Carlson?”

The statement from Premiere Networks seems to put this false claim to bed. “For Premiere, appointing a single host to replace Limbaugh would put a huge burden on that person,” reported NTD.