Israel Will Finance Gay Couples Who Want to Adopt Children From Other Countries


Israeli Welfare and Social Services Minister Itzik Shmuli has announced the new Israeli government will actively finance homosexual couples’ desires to adopt children abroad.

A report in Al-Monitor suggests this will be a priority for the newly appointed Shmuli, a homosexual himself. Shmuli announced in March 2019 that he and his male partner had adopted a child in Rhode Island, after being unable to do so in Israel.

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Adoption of children by homosexual males remains illegal in Israel itself due to opposition by conservative Orthodox Jewish lawmakers. However, the new Israeli government appears to be more than willing to fund surrogacy agreements that allow Israeli homosexual males to adopt children in other countries.

This is due to a loophole in Israeli law, which means that the funding can be provided without the approval of Israel’s legislative body, the Knesset.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously faced criticism from Shmuli for his refusal to allow homosexual male adoption in Israel.

“We will no longer be silent. This struggle is not only about the rights of the [homosexual] community but on the image of the country. This is the 21st century. People are not seated at the back of the bus because of the color of their skin and they will not be deprived of the right to be parents due to their orientation,” Shmuli declared in 2018. “Netanyahu has sold the most important thing to us as a society to an extremist minority in his government for extraneous political interests, the value of equality.”

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Following the March election, however, Netanyahu’s new government is set to include Shmuli’s left-wing Labor Party. Consequently, the government has adopted a more permissive attitude towards LGBT issues, including homosexual adoption, which has in the past been abused by pedophiles.

In 2017, the Daily Mail reported a homosexual male couple had shared their adopted child with a pedophile ring for six years:

“A gay couple who ran an international paedophile ring involving a son they illegally bought from Russia reportedly planned to buy a second child to exploit.

Mark Newton, 46, and Peter Truong, 40, from Cairns, on Queensland’s coast, sexually abused their adopted Russian son and trafficked him to other paedophiles around the world from the age of one until six.

However, new claims have emerged the couple planned to adopt a second child by paying a Malaysian surrogate $100,000, The Courier Mail reported.

The publication claimed the plan was exposed in Skype and photo sharing service Flickr, through which they tried to sell their son to other paedophiles for sex.

Newton is serving 40 years in a US prison and Truong is serving 30 in a US prison after they were arrested in 2012 for sexually abusing their son and trafficking him for sex in an international paedophile ring.”