Italian Museum of Contemporary Art Depicts Christ as Child Molester


Despite the mass objections of the first time this poster depicting Jesus Christ as a child molester two years ago in Rome, Italy in 2017, the same poster appears again just before Christmas in front of the Macro Rome museum as one in a series posted outside.

Especially with Christmas only a few days away, people all over the world are expressing their disgust with this blasphemous and offensive depiction of the Son of God.

When Deacon Nick Donnelly tweeted out this image, he was met with some opposition. There were a few people who wondered if the sharing of this image on social media further pushes the blasphemous message.

Deacon Donnelly replies, “I understand your concern and I considered what to do for the best. I decided that its important to know the nature of the attacks against Our Lord and His Church so we can challenge it and make acts of reparation.”

“The manifesto posted outside the Macro of Rome, the Capital’s Museum of Contemporary Art, is of an unheard-of shame”, is the denunciation of Fratelli d’Italia which comes with a joint note by Fabrizio Ghera, leader of the Lazio Region party , and Andrea De Priamo leader of the Campidoglio. “This morning, when we went to the place, we noticed a vulgar image that depicts a child kneeling before Jesus Christ, the latter in a state of excitement and with his hand on his head . It is unacceptable that such a thing should be exposed to the public in an important museum of the city – also with public funds – and also frequented by families. as Brothers of Italy ask the mayor Rays to urgently remove the blasphemous, unworthy and offensive poster not only of Christians but also of Rome”

When these posters went up two years ago a 28-year-old street artist from Rome was reported and tracked down by Digos agents and denounced for “insults to a religious confession by contempt” and “abusive poster posting.”

This time, it is celebrated and framed in spots along ATAC bus stops in Rome, Italy.