Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Photos Raise More Questions, Critical Photos Missing


The autopsy photos provided by the New York City medical examiners office were finally released, showing the room where Jeffrey Epstein died inside the MCC facility, but the photos do not include a photo of Epstein in the cell.

This missing evidence is a crucial component that any coroner would need to properly determine a cause of death, meaning the ruling of suicide in this case was made without substantial evidence to warrant this determination.

As reported by Daily Mail, “He (Dr. Michael Baden) said that without that photo it was difficult to determine Epstein’s cause of death and said the official ruling was ‘premature judgment’. Dr Baden believes the forensic evidence released so far in Epstein’s death points more to murder and strangulation rather than suicide.”

The doctored who was hired by the brother of Epstein to investigate what many so called ‘conspiracies’ hypothesis was actually the scene of a homicide rather than that of a suicide.

Dr. Baden has called to attention other discrepancies of the evidence including the presence of a ball point pen, multiple nooses/ supposed used noose with no blood, and the lack of video evidence from the inside of the solitary housing unit of the MCC federal prison due to an alleged malfunction.

This is the protocol laid out by Daily Mail that was provided to the two officers responsible for watching Epstein the day he was released from suicide watch, and subsequently died.

The two guards were required to jointly conduct institutional counts at 4pm, 10pm, 12am, 3am and 5am of the prisoners in the unit.Both officers are required to walk the six levels of the unit to count and observe every inmate.They then have to each fill in and sign a form with the date and time the counts were performed.

The slips are then collected and taken to the prison’s control center where officers double check them to make sure every inmate is accounted for. In addition to the count, officers assigned to the unit Epstein was in are required to walk around every 30 minutes to ensure inmates are ‘alive and accounted for’, according to the indictment.

They are also required to sign forms saying they carried out these 30-minute checks. In total, the two guards were required to carry out five institutional counts. Prosecutors say surveillance video shows the officers did not conduct a single count despite them logging that they did.They are also accused of falsely signing off that they had carried out more than 75 separate 30-minute checks.

National File will continue to report on the questions surrounding Epstein’s death.