Jen Kiggans Presents Red Flag Supporting, Monument Destroying Dan Crenshaw with Gift for ‘Fighting’ the Radical Left


Alongside Virginia’s 2021 GOP nominees for statewide office, establishment-backed VA-2 Congressional candidate Jen Kiggans presented Texas Congressman and red flag gun confiscation advocate Dan Crenshaw with a gift for “fighting” the “radical left” in Washington. The award came despite Crenshaw’s history of repeatedly siding with the radical left against the Constitution, American history, President Trump, and millions of lawful American voters.

Crenshaw joined Kiggans and other members of Virginia’s GOP establishment in Virginia Beach to throw his support behind the 2021 statewide GOP ticket comprised of Glenn Youngkin for Governor, Winsome Sears for Lt. Governor, and Jason Miyares for Attorney General.

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Like Crenshaw, the ticket has serious conservative credibility issues, with the candidates often accused of backing down from Democrat assaults on the 2nd Amendment and historical vandalism on the campaign trail – even as radical Democrats in Charlottesville moved to erase not just Confederate history, but the history of America’s founders from the city forever.

In a Facebook post from Kiggans’ State Senator account documenting Crenshaw’s visit, Kiggans said it was a “great honor” to meet with Crenshaw and present him with a “gift of thanks” for supposedly “being on the frontlines of our fight against the radical left in Washington, D.C.”

“He traveled all the way from Texas to help campaign with our awesome Virginia GOP ticket,” Kiggans posted. Comments to the post from voters made clear that few were impressed with Crenshaw’s appearance, or Kiggans’ and the statewide ticket’s embrace of him and his policies, with one commenter dubbing the Congressman “red flag, Trump-hating Crenshaw,” and another calling him “[John] McCain 2.0”

Crenshaw, who has been heavily promoted by the GOP establishment and corporate media, has lost the trust of conservatives in his district and around the nation, in part over taking up the cause of red flag gun confiscation with members of the radical left and his GOP establishment peers. Making matters worse, Crenshaw even caved to the avowed communists from Black Lives Matter and voted with Democrats to remove statues of former Confederates from the United States Capitol, forever erasing American history.

In 2019, and as previously reported by National File, Crenshaw didn’t just throw his support behind the red flag gun confiscation effort but attacked 2nd Amendment activists as emotional and uninformed when they dared question him on the issue.

Just prior to Crenshaw’s appearance in Virginia Beach, the Congressman, who helped certify the results of the 2020 Presidential Election and refused to challenge results contested states, made a stop at a GOP fundraiser in Illinois where he ridiculed the idea of 2020 election fraud, telling conservatives not to “kid yourself” into believing the 2020 election was stolen because it was “absolutely not.”

Like Crenshaw, Kiggans has also refused to stand with President Trump and American voters, dancing her way around questions from radio show host John Fredericks in a recent interview in which she affirmed her belief that Joe “Biden is the President” of the United States and was the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.

National File reached out to Senator Kiggans for comment on Crenshaw’s support for red flag laws but did not receive a response by the time of publishing.

After assuming office in 2020, amidst a historically unprecedented gun control push from radical Virginia Democrats and as Virginians across the Commonwealth rose up to form 2nd Amendment “sanctuary” municipalities to protect their Constitutional rights, Kiggans crossed party lines to stand with Democrats and cast the deciding vote in Virginia’s ratification of the so-called equal rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution.