Jessica ‘Wax My Balls’ Yaniv Supports Nude Swimming Event, Minors Get Free Admission


Controversial trans activist, Jessica Yaniv, is under fire yet again as she plans to host a nude swimming event featuring free admission for minors.

Yaniv drew international attention over a crusade to sue several Brazilian waxing salons over their refusal to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia–which didn’t land Yaniv many allies in this dispute.

According to Yaniv’s Twitter Bio, Yaniv is a self-described:

LGBTQIA+ Advocate, Friend, Daughter & Tech Blogger. She/Her/Hers. Human rights advocate. Model. Global Internet Personality. Social Justice Warrior. Marketer.

These salons were sued on grounds of discrimination and human rights, failing to respect Yaniv’s gender identity in spite of having male genitalia.

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However, Yaniv lost the case and was ordered to pay damages of around $6,000 between three case respondents.

Now, in spite of having a previous skinny dipping event cancelled, Yaniv tweeted out an event – which has been summarily ratioed, the act of replying to a tweet so it receives more replies than likes or retweets – inviting people to nude bathing at a swimming pool with free admission for under 18’s.

In the tweet, Yaniv says, “This is actually an interesting event.. at the Newton Wave Pool on Saturday. Good job for allowing this @CityofSurrey. Great to see inclusiveness and more inclusiveness on Sunday too! We’re all human.”

According to the event’s website, admissions are as follows:


Adults: $12.00 at event, $10.00 online.
Children (under 18) : free.
Membership is mandatory, application forms are available on-line or at the swim. See our Membership Info page for full details.
Children are admitted only when accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
Skinnydipper swims at Newton Wave Pool are nude only.

Tweeters expressed their concerns with the event, questioning Yaniv’s motives.

Many social medias have voiced their concerns about potential predatory behavior occurring.

Many of Yaniv’s tweets attract abundant negative attention, pushing the boundaries of taboo.

Recently, right wing transgender woman Blair White released a video, “exposing” Yaniv as a “trans predator” on YouTube, showing evidence that Yaniv targets minors.