Jewish Broadcaster Upset After Muslim Rapper Releases Album With ‘Synagogue of Satan’ Lyric


“Ghost of Solja Slim,” a track on rapper Jay Electronica’s debut album, mentions the Rothschilds, a Jewish family historically involved with banking, and refers to the “Synagogue of Satan,” in what one Jewish broadcaster considers problematic.

The “Ghost of Solja Slim” track, featuring Jay-Z, reveals that Jay Electronica is apparently Muslim, or at least identifies with Islam. Electronica is also reportedly friends with the Louis Farrakhan.

The song begins with a speech by Farrakhan, who has been widely accused of antisemitism, and names the Rothschild family and the “Synagogue of Satan”:

I came to bang with the scholars
And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar
The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar
But all praise due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala

Peter Rosenberg, a Jewish radio personality who is involved with the rap community, took exception to the lyrics and voiced his concern on Twitter.

“Not feeling this bar from Jay Electronica and I know I’m not the only person who felt a way about it,” wrote Rosenberg. “As a Jew it puts me in a bad position.”

“I can ignore the fact that I instantly felt a pang of discomfort and offense and basically sell out my culture or I can be accused of being ‘Jewish media’ hating on this man,” Rosenberg continued.

“The line offended me.”

Rosenberg also noted that Electronica has used the term “Synagogue of Satan” numerous times.

Electronica has since said that he stands by his album, and challenged Rosenberg to discuss the meaning of the “Synagogue of Satan” in a public forum.

Rosenberg responded by offering to have him on his radio show, and said that he was “not the only good, supportive, hip hop loving person who was taken aback by some of these bars.”

This is not the first instance of possible antisemitism in rap music. As far back as 1991, rapper turned movie star Ice Cube used incendiary language during his rap feud with Eazy E:

It’s a case of divide-and-conquer,
cuz you let a Jew break up my crew.
House n**ga gotta run and hide,
yellin’ Compton, but you moved to Riverside.

National File will cover any potential radio appearance between Rosenberg and Electronica discussing these issues.