Joe Biden Changes Position on Charter Schools, Now Vows to Get Rid of Them


Even though back in 2001 Joe Biden was giving a speech advocating full support for charter schools, the past weekend at the public education forum Biden bends to the demands of the far left.

In 2001 Biden said, “As my dad would say: Give me a break. I do not think the Federal Government can or should, or any government should, decide to equalize everything. As one former President said, life is unfair.”

He continues, “Certain things Government cannot do. The Government cannot dictate you to be 6 foot 2, if that is what you  want, or 5 foot 9. The Government cannot dictate that everybody will have the voice of Barbra Streisand or some famous male singer–whoever the heck you like. Life is unfair.”

In 1997 Biden Gave a speech to the Senate to question his conclusion concerning the potential violations to the constitution sending tax dollars to religious schools, as well as saying he didn’t believe sending tax dollars to private education would negatively effect the state of public education.

“When you have an area of the country — and most often here we are talking about inner cities — where the public schools are abysmal or dysfunctional or not working and where most of the children have no way out, it is legitimate to ask what would happen to the public schools with increased competition from private schools,” he said.

“Is it not possible that giving poor kids a way out will force the public schools to improve and result in more people coming back?”

In 2019 Biden says, “and so, the point is, if I’m president, [Education Secretary] Betsy De Vos’ whole notion from charter schools to this are gone,” Biden said during the forum.”

Several months ago at a forum for the American Federation of teachers, Biden started denouncing the idea of charter schools.

According to Biden, “The bottom line is it siphons off money for our public schools, which are already in enough trouble.”

This new perspective that turned democrats away from support of Charter Schools was reinforced last year by the teachers strikes that shined spotlights on the low salary of educators. Now, with the support of two of the biggest teachers unions, candidates like Biden are quick to show support from such a large base of constituents.